Travelling to Rome

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Travelling to Rome

continues to play a role of primary importance in the field of national and international architecture, also, but not only, on an academic level. It is a stimulating city from the point of view of design and it represents a symbol of how the coexistence between ancient and modern, classic and contemporary is possible, towards a continuous dialogue, always new and always ready to be explored.

A trip to Rome is always a good opportunity, not only to be enchanted by its beauties, but also, and above all, to be impressed, intrigued and stimulated by this continuous, discordant, educative productive dialogue.

Forme d’Acqua has always been interested in and close to this city, possibly because from this contrasting dialogue, new and innovative projects are born, and certainly Restart4Smart, in which we were involved by Prof. Marco Casini from La Sapienza, is an example of that.


In these days in Rome we made an update on the ambitious project called:
Restart4Smart which will represent Italy’s participation at the Solar Decathlon Middle East and consists in the construction of a 1:1 house, powered by solar energy, completely ecological, innovative and based on home automation.

Solar Decathlon is a project created by the US Department of Energy. It is an international, inter-academic competition that aims to develop a new form of sustainable architecture, between design and renewable energies. In November 2018, La Sapienza University of Rome will represent Italy in the final of the Solar Decathlon Middle East in Dubai, a challenge that will involve 21 of the most prestigious universities from 15 countries in the world.

La Sapienza has just developed the Restart4Smart project, identifying in Forme d’Acqua, together with 30 other companies a reliable, and above all innovative, partner.

The name Restart4Smart itself indicates the desire to introduce a new approach to modern architecture, without forgetting its traditions and past, to develop all the possibilities offered by renewable energy sources and by the use of highly innovative and low environmental impact technologies.


The house, which will be entirely colored in white, will be completed with
Selene, one of our Sirene, a vertical indoor fountain, that can be managed independently with the new technologies of home automation, an unique product, well recognisable in these dynamics of contrast, fight and growth.

The fountain’s flowing surface, for example, is made of Murano glass, created by master craftsman Nicola Moretti, with thousand years old techniques, secrets and tradition, but at the same time it has a very technological heart, created by Arentech, which makes the fountain interactive on several aspects.

The structure is a body in AISI 316 stainless steel, with a very high resistance to moisture and fresh water, designed and built together with Franzato Gianni SRL of Mirano, and also the color is something unique, Selene is completely white, an uncommon “pearl white”, made by Lechler SRL, world leader in the sector, transformed and distributed by Millennium Colori SRL.

A project of this kind must be perfect from every point of view, that’s why every aspect is managed by La Sapienza University with professionalism and precision.

The house will first be built in Rome, and then dismantled, packed and shipped to Dubai by ship.

From March 1 to April 30, in fact, the house will be built in Rome, at the CEFMECTP Center of Pomezia, to be sure that all the elements work properly and have enough time to make the necessary changes. Between May and June, the house will be open to visits, to be definitively dismantled in July, in view of the expedition to the United Arab Emirates.

The Solar Decathlon in Dubai will open with the inauguration ceremony on 14th November; the projects will compete and will be judged by an international jury until 19th November, while the award ceremony will take place on the 28th.

An ambitious project, complex and long, which must necessarily be structured into various steps, to which we participate with great enthusiasm. It is characterized not only by great professionalism and precision, but also by that little bit of Italian madness and creative inspiration, which makes us famous in the world.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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