Sustainability that lasts over time: Le Sirene di Forme d’Acqua in Dubai

Sustainability that lasts over time: Le Sirene di Forme d’Acqua in Dubai

The Solar Decathlon Middle East, where Forme d’Acqua participates as a partner of La Sapienza University, is an international challange dedicated to sustainable architecture. Each team is in competition with a prototype of Solar House, a technological and innovative building, designed and implemented by the students of the various universities in 1: 1 scale, fully functional and equipped with every comfort. The common goal of the challenge is to create the home of the future, ideal for the Middle East life, which uses only solar energy.

The photovoltaic panels are in fact a key element of the various projects realized: inserted more or less clearly in the aesthetic context of the house, they must be able to support the electricity needs of the home, on a sustainability and energy saving point of view.
All concepts that are associated with another important value, durability: Restart4Smart, the house of Team Sapienza, like the other houses of the competition, is born to last a long time.

IMG_20181114_104405-1024x683 IMG_4389-1024x683

Also Flora, the indoor fountain of the Le Sirene collection by Forme d’Acqua, placed on the inside patio of the house, follows this principles and is designed and made of durable materials. Flora’s structure is made of stainless steel AISI316, the best in terms of resistance to contact with water, also used for boats and high sea ships.

Flora is also equipped with an integrated automatic filtration system, which doses anti-limescale and anti-algae products that keep it beautiful and clean and prevent deterioration of the sliding surface and of the internal system.

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The functioning of Flora is also monitored by a computerized system that indicates possible anomalies or failures with direct messages, also giving information on how to fix them.
It is a fountain conceived to work well and to do it for a long time.


Susanna Dei Rossi

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