Restrart 4 Smart – The Project is Taking Shape

The La Sapienza Univeristy project is rapidly taking shape
Restrart 4 Smart – The Project is Taking Shape


Restart4Smart, the innovative project that will represent Italy at the international competition that will take place next November in Dubai, is becoming a reality: a futuristic, technological  house with Home automation systems, designed for the UAE climate and entirely powered by solar panels. Therefore a completely ecological and energy self-sufficient project.

Forme d’Acqua was selected by the University La Sapienza as a partner of the initiative, for the use we make of technology in our projects, for the careful design and for the strong attention to sustainability that we put in our works.
Our task is to embellish the patio of the house with Flora, the indoor fountain of the Le Sirene collection that we installed in these days with a team of specialists, at the construction site of the house in Pomezia, a few kilometers from Rome. When we were involved in Restart4Smart we decided to participate with great enthusiasm, both for the importance of the event, and for the themes of sustainability and high technology, which always involve and characterize us.

15062018-FDA-LeSirene-Restart4Smart-allestimento-fontana-108-1024x661 15062018-FDA-LeSirene-Restart4Smart-allestimento-fontana-27-1024x683

Shortly Forme d’Acqua will complete the programming of the fountain that will then be interfaced with the home automation system, taking advantage of the heat and humidity of the summer months to test the plant in climatic conditions similar to those of the United Arab Emirates.

The house is currently under construction at the CEFME-CTP Center in Pomezia, where the students of the “Team Sapienza” are working with great energy and commitment.
The team is made up of university students of various disciplines (architecture, engineering, design), led by Prof. Marco Casini; in the past few months they have designed, planned and are now literally making this important project.

15062018-FDA-LeSirene-Restart4Smart-allestimento-fontana-1-1024x683 15062018-FDA-LeSirene-Restart4Smart-allestimento-fontana-13-1024x801

It was very interesting to visit the Restart4Smart construction site: we met the guys working on the project in person, exchanging with them some impressions of what has been done so far. The activities to be carried out are a lot and the time is short, this is a real construction site, but the enthusiasm is also because for them this project is a real “training” in the field, a very important experience for the their future professions.

Once completed, Restart4Smart will be disassembled, packed and shipped by ship to Dubai, where it will be rebuilt at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, in time for the inauguration ceremony on November 14th.

The Italian team will be competing with teams from all over the world, who will compete and share their projects on sustainable architecture, an increasingly important and actual issue.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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