Made in Italy at the table: Team Sapienza cooks in the house of the future.

Made in Italy at the table: Team Sapienza cooks in the house of the future.

What is the convivial moment par excellence in a home? Obviously dinner time and the houses of the Solar Decathlon Middle East in Dubai are not an exception.
The Solar Houses, designed and built by the students of the various universities, are fully functional from all points of view and among the tests that the various teams have to support there is also the organization of three themed dinners that will be cooked by the students themselves with home appliances and tools available in the house.

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The Team Sapienza in these days is preparing three dinners with different menus based on recipes and typical products of the Italian tradition, a real culinary journey to discover such a beautiful country.

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The challenge will be based on the quality of the food, its preparation and presentation, but also on the atmosphere that the guys of the various teams have been able to create and on good company. Flora, the indoor fountain of the Le Sirene collection, will play a very important role in this case.

What could be better when at dinner than sip an aperitif in front of a fountain and enjoy its refreshing effect, especially in the hot climate of the UAE, or have some background music, which comes from its HiFi audio system, while people chat and get ready for dinner?

A detail that, together with the good Italian cuisine and the guys of Team Sapienza’s congeniality will create the right atmosphere and will surely make the difference in the final result.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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