Listening to water

Listening to water

Think of a fountain, either big or small, which is one of the first things that catch our attention? Easy: the sound of water. The flow of water creates a pleasant and constant noise, which brings us closer to nature and causes surprising benefits.

The sound of flowing water is called “pink” noise, characterized by a large number of low frequencies, which create a healthy effect of relax, according to some it may even have a pain-relieving effect.

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The flow of water is causal, but at the same time repetitive, this give sensations of harmony that are directly influencing our thresholds of attention and concentration.
In many offices and shops  the sound of flowing water is used for this reason: to have such a natural element into a working environment, helps productivity and reduces stress.


And it is surprising the effect water has on our sleep.

Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago have carried out a scientific study of sleep and on the influence water has on it.
During sleepin hours our brain waves synchronize with the sound waves of the water, giving us a deeper rest and even an increase in cognitive abilities, as found after some tests performed.

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Finally, according to some researchers, water flowing in a domestic environment at night, for example in an indoor fountain or a water wall, could fight the memory loss associated with aging.
The low frequencies of these sounds affects good sleep and since this is essential for the recovery of memory functions, it leads to improve memory.

Have you ever thought about how many benefits can the sound of flowing water give?

Susanna Dei Rossi

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