Getting to know the Customer Experience

Getting to know the Customer Experience

A big topic in the world of marketing and communication is the so called Customer Experience (CX); it is a set of factors that determine the customer’s final perception of a company and it is a fundamental principle for its good development.

What’s this?

“The customer experience is the cognitive and affective consequence of the exposure and interaction of the customer with people, processes, technologies, products, services or other outputs of a company”. (Buttle, 2009).

The products and services that every company offers are obviously fundamental, but it is also important to affiliate customers with those small attentions that are truly able to make the difference.

A satisfied customer is a plus for the company: he or she will use its products and services again and also will communicate one’s level of satisfaction to others, increasing the company’s range of action. A not satisfied customer on the other hand not only is lost, but also he or she can become a negative publicity for other potential customers.

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Just a matter of image?

There are many elements that collaborate in the creation of the Customer Experience, but a fundamental role is represented by the image a company is able to transmit; an image that must correspond to reality.

How to put towards a client, the continuity of on-line and off-line presence, the creation of a coordinated image, the care and the sense of hospitality that transmits the operative headquarters are all very important factors.

In particular, the personalization of corporate public spaces and the creation of a comfortable place for our customers, suppliers and guests, leave important feelings that will remain, even after they have interacted with the company.

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How to create it?

The principle of Customer Experience is widely used in the world of tourism and applies to both large and small hotels as well as open-air accommodation facilities. Indoor or outdoor fountains are often used both to embellish these spaces and for the numerous physical, mental and environmental benefits they are able to provide.

A company’s hospitality is thus placed in the foreground with the use of a decorative element able to contribute to the well-being of the people who frequent it.

Tourism is an interesting example, but there are various examples of fountains used as Customer Experience elements in many important corporate and representative offices.
It is the same also for bars and restaurants, the water flowing from a fountain, wherever it is, is able to give an aesthetic and environmental benefit that will turn into an unforgettable memory for our customer.


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