Flora in the UAE future house, a key element to make the difference

Flora in the UAE future house, a key element to make the difference

In the architecture and aesthetics of the of the Middle East countries, the white color is widely used for its ability to reflect heat, a determining factor that helps to contrast high temperatures and a recognizable element also in the way of dressing.

For example, think of the typical male white suit, the famous Kandura, a traditional tunic long up to the ankles and wrists, which serves to shelter from the desert sun and is accompanied by different details that indicate provenance, social status and style.

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Flora, the fountain selected by the University La Sapienza to participate at the Solar Decathlon Middle East, fits perfectly in this context: it is composed of a white stainless steel structure and water gently slides on a white marble surface.
The movement of the water gives humidity to the surrounding environment, helping to cool the house and make the torrid days of the desert more bearable.

In Le Sirene di Forme d’Acqua water flows on handmade Murano glass slabs or marble slabs coming from all over the world and worked in Italy in Carrara, in the heart of the tradition of this work that was also dear to Michelangelo.

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The sound of water gives us a strong emotion of naturalness, it relaxes us and helps us to concentrate, making our home more pleasant and giving a connotation of importance to the place of representation where it is placed.

The Sirens of Forme d’Acqua are inserted in the houses and villas of prestige as a unique piece of furniture: they are fountains with simple and linear design, made with craftsmanship and high quality materials, made to last over time.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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