Flora, an innovative fountain for the house of the future

Flora, an innovative fountain for the house of the future

How do you imagine the house of the future? Certainly innovative and technological, easy to manage, for example with a smartphone, and able to adapt to all our needs.

These are the criteria behind the Solar Houses built by the teams of the Universities from all around the world who are participating at the Solar Decathlon Middle East in Dubai, the international competition of sustainable architecture.

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The home of the future must be able to change according to our needs, even physically, as for example in the project realized by the American University Virginia Tech: its walls slide on motorized tracks, modifying the width of the spaces according to the necessities.

Also in Restart4Smart, the project of the Italian University La Sapienza University in Rome, every architectural and domestic element simply and quickly interacts with those who live in it.

Flora, the fountain of the indoor collection Le Sirene by Forme d’Acqua, is one of these elements and has been selected by the Team Sapienza because of its technological characteristics.
It has strong innovative components. It can be managed directly from the home automation system or even from your smartphone, by programming the switching on and off with a simple and intuitive interface. The fountain is equipped with a low consumption RGB LED light system that creates countless shades of color and allows you to create customizable scenarios with light effects.

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It is also possible to change the intensity of the water flow and set up the sensor of the fountain to make it active in our presence.
The fountain is also equipped with a Hi-Fi audio system that let us listen to our favorite music at any time, via bluetooth or WiFi.

Flora also communicates with us, sending messages to always update us on its status and correct functioning.

A smart and futuristic fountain that makes exclusive our home or our place of representation, giving unique experiences and sensations.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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