Dynamic Fountain – Cà Marcello Project

Dynamic Fountain – Cà Marcello Project

Forme d’Acqua has just begun working on the implementation of the fountain that will characterize an important project for the development of a strategic area in the center of Mestre.

The intervention, located in via Cà Marcello, in the area near the railway station, is made by the Austrian investor MTK Developments and designed by architect Luciano Parenti.
It consists in construction of a large multi-purpose complex with hotels, commercial areas, parking, residences, pedestrian areas and green spaces.


The realization of what will become a new piece of city has been entrusted to the company Setten Genesio SPA.
The design of the fountain, initially done by another external company, resulted lacking and approximate after the builder’s analysis.
The lack of important elements such as an appropriate filtration system and the lack of attention in the choice of  poor quality steel, which must be suitable for water put the manufacturer in alarm.

Forme d’Acqua was consulted for a piece of advice on the original project, which was then defined together with Setten Genesio’s technical office and with architect Parenti.
We have therefore completely redesigned the fountain’s plant and technology, while keeping the costs fix and giving, in addition, a 3 years warranty, thanks to the planning of checks and ordinary maintenance every three months.



Triangular in shape with Istrian stone and Aurisina stone finishes, the elegant dynamic fountain will become the meeting and representation point of the whole complex.

Forme d’Acqua’s new project includes 6 OASE Komet nozzles for dynamic water games, managed by two OASE Varionaut 150 / DMX / 02 220V 120W IP68 pumps.
The lighting is RGB LED with OASE Profilux 110 / DMX / 02 headlights and a stainless steel AISI316 structure.

The fountain will be complete by Christmas, Forme d’Acqua has in fact committed to respect the delivery times of the builder however, completely creating a new fountain.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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