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Our work in Erbil is continuing
Back to Erbil

In these days a team of our technicians is working in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, to continue what started a few months ago at the Empire World, the large multi-function complex that is rising a few kilometers from the city’s historic center. Erbil is one of the oldest urban settlements in the world, a place full of history and fascinating from many points of view, but not common to visit as a simple tourist.

Falcon Group, an international financial services company based in Dubai, has entrusted us with to build the first three large fountains of Empire Avenue, the one that will become the commercial and financial street of the new center.

26062018FDA-Erbil-cantiere-fontane-empireavenue-15-1024x746 26062018FDA-Erbil-cantiere-fontane-empireavenue-1-1024x703

The project includes three fountains that will develop in length for a total of 150 meters with a highly technological system of pumps, filters and nozzles, designed to perfectly adapt to the climatic conditions of the country, particularly considering the evaporation, due to the high temperatures reached in the warmer months.
After the first phase of work, completed by Forme d’Acqua last winter, when we placed the plumbing systems, we had to wait for concrete casting and the tiles covering of the tanks to be carried out; now we are in Erbil to install all the technological components.
After these months of waiting, we are finally completing the project, bringing the water to the tanks, a fundamental operation to verify the waterproofing and efficiency of the entire plant, a very delicate phase of work, where each step must be controlled with great attention.

26062018FDA-Erbil-cantiere-fontane-empireavenue-18-1024x683 26062018FDA-Erbil-cantiere-fontane-empireavenue-7-1024x768

Once completed and accompanied by plays of light and water, the fountains will have a great aesthetic and decorative value, but they will also be important from the environmental point of view  , since they will release humidity and therefore contribute to refresh an extremely hot and dry weather like the one where the Empire World stands.
Each project we create and, consequently, each site is different from the others, but working in a fascinating and complicated country like this, it is truly a unique experience.
We therefore had to adapt our working methods to the characteristics of the country.
One for all: in July in Kurdistan temperatures easily exceed 40 celcius degrees !
The best thing to do in these cases is to start very early in the morning, taking a break in the central hours or using them to work indoor and then finish the work very late in the evening.

The days are moving fast, but the work continues without problems, thanks to the months dedicated to planning and planning the mission with care, with the continuous updates between our technical department and the complex management structure of Empire World.

26062018FDA-Erbil-cantiere-fontane-empireavenue-2-1024x683 26062018FDA-Erbil-cantiere-fontane-empireavenue-6-1024x768

When a project takes shape, the satisfaction of seeing it finished is always so great and it repays us the effort, the efforts and the countless hours of work.
We have almost finished!

Susanna Dei Rossi

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