Forme d’Acqua wants to shape your ideas, creating fountains able to give excitement and add value to the selected locations. We wants the word “fountain” to become synonym for sustainability and reliability Discover About forme d’acqua

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We are the right company for you, we develop custom fountains and indoor fountains, made by experienced masters in the industry to ensure a quality product, from raw materials to finished product.

We work with the best professionals to create something new, playing with the finest materials and the element of water, using the techniques of craftsmanship together with the most modern mechanical and technological systems.

We are united by a passion that makes us grow as professionals and as people: to create works that can excite, that speak of beauty, harmony, history and innovation.

Request your free quote without any commitment that you are an architect, an interior designer or an individual, we are confident that together we can meet your needs sorprendendoti


Via San Michele, 4 Cavallino Treporti 30013 Venezia Italia


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