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The historic fountain in Piazza Brescia shines again with the restoration carried out by Forme d’Acqua

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Cavallino-Treporti, June 4th 2021


 The historic fountain in Piazza Brescia shines again with the restoration carried out by Forme d’Acqua


The historic fountain in Piazza Brescia in Jesolo has been restored and brought back to its original splendor thanks to the technological redevelopment carried out by Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains. Tomorrow, Saturday 5 June, the work will be delivered to the city and inaugurated together with the Sand Sculpture Exhibition.

Tomorrow, Saturday 5 June at 18:30, the inauguration of the restoration of the fountain in Piazza Brescia in Jesolo will be held, the symbol of the city, which after years of inactivity returns to be the protagonist, infusing serenity and well-being to residents and tourists its plays of water and light.

The restyling was born from the will of the Municipality of Jesolo, which was able to invest part of the proceeds of a large anonymous donation to return this historic fountain, which has been inactive for some time, to the city. The tender was won in February 2021 by Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, the Cavallino-Treporti (Venice) company specialized in the design, construction and restoration of custom fountains of all types and sizes, in Italy and abroad. . In just two months, the restoration work was completed, where Forme d’acqua took care of the design and construction of the technological and plant part of the fountain, while in Jesolo Patrimonio s.r.l. we owe the entire building and structural part, as well as the marble and mosaic claddings.

In coordination with the works management of the Municipality of Jesolo, Forme d’Acqua made some aesthetic and technical improvements to the initial project necessary to make the fountain more dynamic and performing: the perimeter crown with 96 nozzles was divided into eight segments, managed by as many pumps, which integrated the 4 initially planned, to offer the most varied and articulated dynamic scenarios to the water games.

To resume the original design of the 1963 fountain, a large central Geiser nozzle with a dynamic jet that reaches 6 m in height has been inserted, while the lighting is entrusted to RGB + W LED spotlights – instead of the initially planned RGB – whose integrated white allows greater shades of light and reflections to make the fountain even more majestic in the evening hours.

The lighting allows to offer a great emphasis to the general restyling: thanks to an innovative DMX system and, above all, to the creativity of the architect. Simona M. Favrin (FavrinDesign) combined with the technical-technological knowledge of Arnaldo Enzo of Arentech, a series of original colors adorn the fountain with countless shades and reflections that are always different that catalyze and amplify the dynamism of its jets. In the words of the architect Favrin:

“Water – the fluid element par excellence – has the (almost) infinite ability to create shapes. The use of technology allows to amplify its compositional potential and to make its expressive capacity even more powerful and direct thanks to the coordinated use of color.”

The lights, water features and various arrangements of the fountain are remotely controllable and thanks to the My Fountain app by Forme d’Acqua you can easily modify and manage them from your smartphone or tablet.

“Our Water Territory is a source of inspiration for us. – says Gianluca Orazio, CEO of Forme d’Acqua – Today, however, with this project, Jesolo also becomes a place for meeting and confronting people who know us who have expectations of us and this great fountain. Forme d’Acqua has made great strides in the last five years, also and above all thanks to the dedication and passion of our technicians, who are always ready to tackle every new place with suitcase in hand. I am sure that on Saturday each of us will reap the fruit of our commitment and doing it at home, among the people who have seen us grow, will be even more exciting.”

It will be the duty and honor of the Mayor of Jesolo Valerio Zoggia to press the power button of the fountain and thus start a summer full of news, all accompanied by the countless reflections of this majestic fountain restored to its original splendor by the will of the Municipal Council and from the skill of qualified local companies.


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Susanna Dei Rossi

Press office and Public Relations Forme d’Acqua


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Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains

Brand of Ecosistem sas di Orazio Gianluca that designs, builds, restores and markets fountains, for indoor and outdoor, in Italy and abroad.

He works with the best professionals to always create something new, combining water with the finest materials, and using craftsmanship techniques together with the most advanced mechanical and technological systems. The goal is not to focus on the product, but to focus on the experience lived by the observer and for this he plays with materials, sounds and lights in a synergistic way, so that the result is not a simple fountain, but a unique design and furnishing element.


Gianluca Orazio
CEO of Ecosistem sas, a company founded in 2000 in Cavallino Treporti that includes five brands: Forme d’Acqua, E-Gardening, E-Pestcontrol, All you need is water and Il Mostro della Laguna.

He mainly deals with the development of the Forme d ‘Acqua brand, coordinating the Technical and Commercial area.

Born as a multifaceted craftsman in the gardening and pestcontrol sectors, he followed his entrepreneurial instinct and the pleasure of challenges by creating Forme d’Acqua: the brand where he gives voice to his nature as a water craftsman, with which he designs and manufactures custom fountains of all types and sizes, both in Italy and beyond national borders.

He maintains a solid attachment to his original values – craftsmanship, attention to detail, attention to quality and listening to the customer – which lead him to create unique, sustainable and reliable fountains, bringing with them the true Beauty in the places where they are inserted.


Susanna Dei Rossi

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