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A dynamic fountain for the new Piazza Sant’Antero in Giaveno

Cavallino-Treporti, october 4th 2020


A dynamic fountain for the new Piazza Sant’Antero in Giaveno


The tailor-made craftsmanship of Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains participates in the redevelopment of Piazza San’Antero in Giaveno (Turin), where it has created a dynamic fountain that reflects the surrounding natural and architectural beauties and gives people back a part of the historic center .


On Sunday 4 October 2020 Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains, the company from Cavallino Treporti – Venice, participated in the inauguration of the restyling of Piazza Sant’Antero di Giaveno (TO), where it created a tailor-made and sustainable dynamic fountain. This operation is more than a simple building intervention: it is part of the “Urban Renaissance” project, promoted by the Municipality of Giaveno to give a new coordinated image to the historic center, redevelop the areas most penalized in terms of form, usability and functionality to give them back to the population , through new civic spaces liveable and enjoyable by the community.

The project bears the signature of engineer Carlo Ostorero of Studio Dedalo Architettura in Turin, who designed a total restyling of the spaces, where the square reaffirms itself as a tool for bringing together citizens and the fountain as a multiplier of social interactions. In the words of Eng. Ostorero: “It could be said that water is to architecture like a leaf to a tree: it is simply indispensable. The history of cities is a story of houses and men who stood near a river, a lake or the sea and, in any case, always in direct contact with the water element. The evolution of architecture has brought water with fountains, from a life resource to a function of beauty and pride for the cities that host them.”

Forme d’Acqua took care of the MEP design and construction of the fountain, which looks like a trapezoidal body of water on a raised pool enriched on one side by four dynamic nozzles, which break the static nature of the building and scenographically reflect the urban green and the architectures overlooking the square. The shape follows the lines of the existing flooring, redefining the space, while the seats are an amphitheater from which to observe architecture and nature merge, generating a space to live. The black porcelain stoneware background coating gives the water mirror greater reflective capacity, which captures everything around it, and transmits a light and homogeneous perception to the surface. The fountain shows its true identity at night, when the dialogue with LED lighting opens, for more efficient energy consumption, designed specifically to highlight the elegance of the water features.

Sustainability and durability over time are essential characteristics of the fountains made by Forme d’Acqua, through the use of low environmental impact materials in the coatings and a technical design aimed at a controlled management and without waste of water, always reusing the same that it is filtered and put back into circulation.

The design process led to perceptually and stylistically captivating solutions at the service of a concept centered on the creation of a place that reverberates sociality and is the seat and expression of active processes. Gianluca Orazio, CEO of Forme d’Acqua tells us: “When I arrived in Giaveno for the inspection, the first thing that surprised me about this city so rich in history was the great tradition of beautiful and well-kept fountains. This gave us the necessary impetus to design a fountain that was in balance with the others already present, that would contribute to enrich the beauty of the Municipality, but at the same time confirm our corporate values, which are sustainability, durability over time and ‘use of the most effective technology at the service of design”.


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