Our design is Italian, we believe in a long lasting beauty, which is authentic only if sustainable and enduring. That is why we follow each project in every phase, from planning to realization until installation. We have decided to use durable materials, which we select for their appearance qualities and functionality criteria. We only use high-efficiency German technology. This is why our fountains last over time and are guaranteed for 3 years.


A guarantee always by your side


Forme d’Acqua strongly believes in sustainability. It analyzes the project and the intervention context to immediately highlight the critical issues and find the best architectural and technological solutions that guarantee the functionality and durability of their own The careful design of the technological details and of the plants, the use of technological systems and latest generation domotics, allow us to contain water and energy consumption, reducing waste to a minimum. In our fountains we use electronic panels with remote control, to constantly monitor water and energy consumption and highlight any anomalies in real time. We carefully select the materials, based on criteria of durability and resistance over time.

We only use high-efficiency and guaranteed German technology.

Our commitment to the environment is to create fountains that last over time.
Sensitivity and responsibility are essential to start building a sustainable present, especially when working with a precious resource such as water.


OASE is our technological partner for the realization of pumping, filtration and lighting systems.

We chose them for the quality and reliability of their products and technological solutions, that we use in our fountains and water games.

For decades, Oase has been a guarantee of reliability and operating safety at the highest levels; its uncompromising high quality and its “made in Germany” know-how, are internationally recognized.

Their standards reflect the most demanding requirements, both for materials and technical components, in terms of quality, performance, ergonomics and energetic efficiency for reduced consumption of resources.


We share with OASE the attention for environment, efficiency and sustainability, the founding values of their innovations and our creations.


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One of Forme d’Acqua’s passion is glass.

From technical glass used for the construction of water walls, to the decorative elements or the polychrome slabs specially hand-made by the Murano glass masters; glass is often used in Forme d’Acqua’s installations and fountains, because of its expressive strength, which is amplified and enhanced when used together with water.

Thanks to the partnership with the Murano island furnaces and artisanal laboratories, we design and realise decorative glass elements that we combine with stainless steel and other materials, for the creation of unique and refined artistic fountains.

Various are the processing techniques used to create the elements that enrich our realizations.

In the furnace all works, from mouth blowing to solid glass, are entrusted to a work team – called La piazza – leaded by the Glass Master, who works the hot glass using the secrets of a thousand years old tradition, that has no comparison for richness, and variety of techniques (open by hand, sommerso, fenicio, reticello, pulegoso ) and the ability they used with, in any other place of the world.


The most pure silica sand and common or rare metal oxides determine the color of glass: from these simple elements, melted at very high temperatures and processed by skilful hands, the magic of a material with infinite expressive capacities is created.

The glass worked in this way originates bubbles, spheres, discs and elements that are inserted in our fountains and onto which water glides, exalting its fluidity and reflections.

Another very ancient technique used in our realizations is Fusing: glass tiles of various colors are placed on a base of refractory clay or on a ceramic fiber plate and melted in an oven in order to obtain a multicolored vitreous surface (mosaic glass or murrina).

This flat surface, placed on suitable supports, with high temperatures, can assume a variety of shapes.
Glass tiles suitably shaped and combined with glass oxides, enamels or other substances give life to “paintings” with multicolored effects and unexpected depths.

It is the technique used to make the 191 glass tiles that compose the Shell of the “Lagoon Moster” or the impressive inscription made for the new entrance of the “Marina di Venezia”.


And finally Lampworking, that is glass rods softened by the heat of a fire torch: the small incandescent glass masses are wrapped around a metal tube forming beads of the desired shape, which are worked and decorated with colourful glass and different techniques.

The handmade glass beads created from the design of Forme d’Acqua, embellished with “avventurina”, gold leaf or simple air bubbles, decorate our fountains, becoming unique and original ornaments on which water slides and light is reflected, giving elegant effects to the environment where the fountain is placed.



Noble material for the realization of long lasting fountains.

Marble represents a structure, a surface and a fundamental element for architecture and the creation of fountains.

It belongs to the concept of house itself and it is strictly connected to the Italian tradition to create objects, elements and works able to express with intensity and quality the aesthetic and cultural moment in which they are conceived and, at the same time, to go beyond it, becoming infinite.

“Shining Stone” that is the meaning of the ancient Greek term μάρμαρον (mármaron) or μάρμαρος (mármaros).

Thanks to the presence of calcite, in fact, light “penetrates” into the stone surface before it is reflected: this is the origin of its special brightness, what makes it so beautiful and precious.

It is a millennial long process: the combined action of temperature and pressure transforms the sedimentary rock into marble and the mineral impurities into color.


It is a noble and elegant material, natural and unique, which has always been chosen in sculpture for great masterpieces and recently returned to great trend.

In our fountais it becomes the surface where water runs, enriching itself of reflections and movements.
Carefully selected, upon aesthetic and functionality criteria, especially its resistance to humid and water environments, it is processed by our partners with the most modern cut and finishing technologies, that allow the maximum expression of planning in the creation of fountains.

For our new indoor fountain collection “Le Sirene” we chose a limited serie of marbles from the collection Henraux – Luce di Carrara, chosen for their beauty and exclusivity in a variety of shades from delicate mix of grays to accents colored by refined designs.

With a tradition born in the 19th century, in the cradle of the stone tradition, Carrara, Henraux works unique and high quality materials, with extraordinary artisanal and industrial skill, putting marble at the center of a design which talk with tradition through contemporary languages.



Stainless steel AISI 316,a lasting guarantee for our fountains.

In our fountains we only use Steel, an iron alloy highly resistant to corrosion, especially in humid air or fresh water.

We prefer AISI 316 Stainless steel (steel 18/8/3): thanks to its 2.5% of molybdenum, which helps its resistance to electrolytic corrosion due to chlorides, it is usually used for its high efficiency in sea water areas and naval useus

This let us reach one of our main targets: the durability of our works


Our aesthetic value is founded on the choice of high quality materials, technologically efficient, long lasting and able to resist to physics, chemical, biological damages, caused by nature or man, and to maintain the shape and functions of our creations over time.

Artisanal work is entrusted to the hands of our craftsmen: welding, brushing, satin finishing or polishing, realized thanks to the most modern technologies, enhance the beauty of a material with excellent technical performance and contemporary aesthetic appeal.