The world of musical dancing fountains

Dynamic fountains that move to musical notes, a combination of aesthetics and technology
The world of musical dancing fountains

Musical dancing fountain design is a modern art form that combines engineering and technology with visual and sonic aesthetics. When activated, these fountains create an amazing and amazing light, sound and water show. Dancing and musical fountains are an innovative form of entertainment, for all ages, where water and lights meet and create shows of great experiential value.

Fountains are often associated with music and songs, so much so that they are increasingly used as a scenic backdrop for live musical performances. However, a fountain can become “the protagonist”, by equipping itself with a performing audio system that transmits loud music, on which the jets of water dance like dancers on a stage, offering an even more engaging visual and sound experience.

This type of fountain is mainly requested by:

  • public administrations, to enhance and boost the attractiveness of a place, mainly in cases of redevelopment of urban areas;
  • companies, such as accommodation facilities or shopping centres, to create points of aggregation and recreation for guests.

The emotional impact of the musical dancing fountains is great, incomparable: a multi-sensory experience that completely involves the spectators and makes the event exciting and memorable. These fountains catalyse attention and arouse positive emotions in those who observe them, thanks to their unique ability to transform an ordinary public space into a scene of magic and beauty.

These fountains are in great demand because they become real entertainment shows, but at the same time they can be used as part of a larger event, helping to create an energy of wonder and intense fun. Musical dancing fountains lend themselves more than other types of high resonance situations, such as inaugurations or parties, where the scenic effect plays 90% of the success of the event. Usually, the grand finale is left to fireworks, laser-shows or video mapping, but for years fountain shows have been increasingly appreciated and requested, because – especially in the final climax – they generate an effect of incomparable amazement and originality. In all these shows just mentioned, the focus is on the combination of movement and artistic and chromatic possibilities given by advancing technology: for their part, the musical fountains achieve this effect by pushing the water and playing with light effects, sometimes even with the fire, introducing the viewer into an astonishing cosmos of art.

The dancing and musical fountains offer the best technology available, where technological innovation is combined with the sustainable management of water and energy resources. These fountains operate using a sophisticated water control system of peristaltic pumps, which control and modify the volumetric flow of water, via DMX/RDM protocol, creating unique dynamism and patterns. For example, through the combination of OASE Varionaut pumps and JumpingJet nozzles it is possible to create precise, fast water parabolas, whose originality is also given by the integrated RGBW LED spots that illuminate the entire jet, from start to finish. At the same time, they can be combined with other nozzles: such as the Swivels, with a rotation range of 180°, or the Multi Directional Drives, which move on three axes through 360° and have an integrated LED module for lighting, therefore they offer far more spectacular and articulated possibilities, up to creating a curtain of water to be used as a waterscreen (if implemented with a Fan Jet nozzle). Another water feature worthy of mention is the AirNozzle, in which a jet of compressed air controlled via DMX push the water and creates an “explosion” effect. Equally scenic are the Fountain Flames, which produce a spectacular effect of light, water and fire, thanks to the Propane gas that burns on top of the water jet.

There are many types of nozzles available, each offering different water features also in relation to the size of the project and the volumes of water to be moved; however, they all offer infinite combination possibilities to create a symphony of water, lights and movements, to attract more attention and increase the choreographic potential of the project.

The programming of the musical dancing fountains is the result of teamwork, in which the skills of an electrical and electronic technician and an architect-light designer come together to offer unique shows, in which water and lights dance synchronously to the rhythm of music. The synchronism between music, water and lights is given by a controller, such as that of OASE Wecs II / DMX / 02, which via software transmits DMX data to the individual components (lights, pumps, nozzles). To create exciting and engaging shows you need specific skills related to electronics and programming languages – such as DMX, Artnet, Modbus, Serial – and have the right know-how to translate the customer’s needs into a finished product, through the choice of the most suitable communication protocol that allows the selected technologies to communicate.

Among the various advantages that musical dancing fountains can bring, it should be emphasized that they can also have a significant impact on the economy, both at an urban and corporate level. Cities or structures (shopping centres or camping villages) that host this type of fountain become trending topics, thanks to the originality of their offer, which transforms a project into an investment whose fruits reaped both in the short and in the long term. Musical dancing fountain shows are appreciated by people of all ages, they can attract more tourists, increase the visibility of their cultural and artistic heritage, and therefore increase the business opportunities of commercial activities located near the area that hosts them. Their attractiveness and potential do not end at the end of a season or a period, because they can be constantly updated with the programming of new shows and therefore new songs and new water and light effects.

Since the preponderant presence of technological components in these fountains, is of essential importance the design and preparation of a high-performance and sustainable recirculation and filtration system, with low energy consumption and low voltage – such as a system composed of a peristaltic pump with glass sand and a control unit for the acidification and automatic chlorination of the water with control probe and automatic in-line replenishment. If the fountain is large and with a considerable quantity of water to be moved, must be designed a system that includes one or more recirculation pumps and further filtration pumps to ensure that the entire volume of water is entirely filtered, treated, and handled.

In conclusion, the fountains design is a crucial aspect in the creation of functional and successful spaces, therefore there are many reasons why an architect can decide to include a musical dancing fountain in the design of a space or in the redevelopment of an urban area. Water features not only improve the aesthetic aspect of the place, but bring well-being, happiness, and have the ability to steal the show and stand out as a point of attraction or distinctive element, offering a sense of identity and character unique. To design a fountain it is important to consider the surrounding environment, the historical and cultural context, and the sensory experience that you want the users to experience, all elements that only a structured company can offer by dealing with the design, installation, music programming and maintenance.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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