My Fountain

The APP created by Forme d'Acqua for its fountains
My Fountain

My Fountain is the first and only app in Italy which manages fountains and water games in a simple and effective way directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Forme d’Acqua developed the app to help customers and maintenance workers manage and monitor fountains in an easy and intuitive way, wherever they are.

But what makes this new app so special and innovative? What really makes the difference is the total remote control and management of the fountain and water features: thanks to the use of sensors and IoT devices (Internet of Things), My Fountain allows real-time control of every aspect and parameter, from the amount of water used to lighting, chemical levels to filtration system operation, and much more. That’s not all: the new app allows you to program the operation of the fountain in a precise way, activating and deactivating it according to the specific needs of the customer.


Remote control is essential for maintaining the beauty and sustainability of the fountain: it allows you to intervene promptly or preventively in an effective and professional manner, guaranteeing the full and constant functionality of the water features, thanks also to the automatic sending of alerts in case of anomalies. My Fountain allows you to interact remotely with the fountain at all levels: thanks to the simple, intuitive interface with a refined design, it becomes easy to change the lights, colours, water shows and all the functions available and immediate.

A very important element for the correct functioning of the fountain is the insertion of a litre-counter connected to the level sensor, which, through the My Fountain app, in case of exceeding the pre-set maximum daily water threshold, sends an alert and automatically intervenes on the ‘solenoid valve by closing it. In this way, there is direct and precise control over water consumption and, should system anomalies occur, work is carried out in a targeted and timely manner, avoiding waste of water.

Similarly, through the control and management of the anemometer with wind thresholds, it is possible to get a sustainable management of water resources and efficient use of the fountain or water features. The anemometer can be set by the customer, which allows the height of the jets in direct proportion to the force of the wind, so as to keep the fountain on and functioning properly even on windy days.


Moving on to the aesthetic point of view, whether the fountain is equipped with White or RGB+White LED lighting, through the app it is possible to modify its intensity, the chromatic games and select the most colorful effects, offering an always original and in harmony with the context.

My Fountain is compatible with a wide range of devices, from the most common smartphones to computers and tablets, with iOS or Android operating systems. This way, you can access fountain management from anywhere, anytime, making remote fountain management easier than ever. The gateway is the key device that makes it always connected to the cloud service center, via data network using 5G, 4G, 3G and Edge connections, or via the one already existing in the infrastructure. Connection to the service center takes place via the outgoing data network, thus increasing the level of security and reducing the possibility of any external attacks; in addition, all sensitive data relating to the management of the fountains is encrypted and securely stored, guaranteeing maximum protection in the event of cyber attacks.


The multi-protocol integration allows the modification and updating of the technological components necessary for the correct functioning of the fountain at any time, to offer an always up-to-date and innovative experience. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to customize the display and management of the parameters according to the customer’s needs.

Thanks to the electrical panel with PLC present in the Forme d’Acqua fountains, the fountain can be connected to the home automation system. Thanks to My Fountain, in the same way, it is possible to control and manage all the smart systems present in the home or in the structure (such as, for example, interior and exterior lighting, irrigation, swimming pool management or the fog system). Thus increasing its potential and further enhancing the fountain as a decorative object for interiors or exteriors both in the public and in the private sector.

My Fountain is an innovative and effective solution for anyone who wants to manage their fountains in a simple, safe and intuitive way, but above all fast remotely, at any time. Establishing a strong bond with your fountain will be possible thanks to the My Fountain app, which will become the piece of furniture closest to the customer’s tastes, sensations and needs, all through a very simple click at your fingertips.

March 24th 2023

Susanna Dei Rossi

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