Marina di Venezia – The Video

Marina di Venezia – The Video

In this video you can see the new fountains at the Camping Marina di Venezia, made by Forme d’Acqua on the occasion of the restoration of the pedestrian area, the famous “liston”.
A work of renewal of great effect to celebrate an important milestone: the 60 years of the Marina a 5 star centre excellence of our territory, dedicated to touristic accommodation.

The project is designed by internationally renowned architects Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo, who decided to include water and fountains as a primary landscape element, fundamental for enhancing the pedestrian area and amaze visitors, giving them emotions and fun.
For this intervention, Forme d’Acqua has designed and built, with the collaboration of the architect Simona M. Favrin, 13 fountains: 7 infinity pools that embellish the central Piazza Europa and 6 dynamic fountains in the shopping area called “cluster”.

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Those made in Piazza Europa are 7 tanks in stainless steel AISI316 with measures ranging from 7 to 13 meters in length, and a depth of 24 cm each. They are equipped with an LED lighting system that enhances the movement of the water running along the three sides of each tank during the evening hours. The fountains are also equipped with a mistscaping system that nebulizes microscopic drops of water, creating a thin fog with a dual function: during the day it refreshes the environment during the hottest hours, while in the evening it creates scenographic effects once mixed with the lights.
To complete this project there are two “jumping jets”: two special nozzles that create two perfect jets of water that make a parabola and dive into the tank in front. A real attraction for young and old.

IMG_3515-1024x683 17072018-fda-marina-di-venezia-fontane-a-raso-e-a-sfioro-1024x683
In the cluster area instead Forme d’Acqua has created 6 dynamic fountains with programmable water and light effects.
They are embellished by beautiful tiles with typically summer colours and Mediterrenean themes that cheer the numerous tourists with funny water games at various heights.
These 6 fountains, each with a different number of nozzles, are managed by an OASE WECS II 512/02 computerized control unit, also accessible remotely and equipped with an anemometer that automatically manages the height of the nozzles based on the wind intensity, thus avoiding unwanted sprays on windy days.

17072018-fda-marina-di-venezia-fontane-a-raso-e-a-sfioro-69-1024x683 IMG_3506-1024x683
The 13 fountains therefore create a real “water path” that crosses and above all characterizes the renovated pedestrian and commercial area.

Amazement is the emotion we wanted to create with these fountains, and it is the same emotion that we then saw in the looks and reactions of the children you can see in these images.

Because what emotion is more beautiful and spontaneous than that of a child?

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Susanna Dei Rossi

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