In a fountain’s deep

In a fountain’s deep

A fountain, to be a true element of beauty able to give moments of pure relax, must be perfectly functional. In addition to the aesthetic side, we need to carefully design and manufacture all the elements that let it perfectly work for a long time.
For these reasons the technical compartment is created, a space where all the elements that allow us to manage and govern a fountain are positioned.

The filtration system

The most important element in the technical compartment is the chemical and mechanical filtration system (previously discussed in this article), which maintains water clean by eliminating the accumulation of limestone and dirt and prevents the formation of algae, bacteria and molds.
The filtration system must be associated with an automatic loading of clean water.
The water that circulates in a fountain is in fact always the same, but the quantity that naturally evaporates must be replenished with an automated loading system.

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How does the loading system work?

A sensor, connected to an electronic control unit, is put in the tank to detect the preset maximum and minimum water levels.
The control unit commands a solenoid valve that activates the water supply, if the level is too low or activates a discharge valve if the level is too high.
If there is not enough water, the control unit automatically blocks the pumps, preventing them from working dry, overheating and getting damaged.

Where is the technical compartment located?

In the design phase people tend to “hide” the technical compartment by creating an underground space; this choice can create some problems, precisely because it is under the ground level.

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An underground technical compartment is difficult to access and must necessarily have a safe and non-slippery ladder, possibly made of steel, to allow the technical personnel to work in peace and safety.
An underground technical room can be subject to rain and flooding and so it is necessary to provide a rainwater and infiltration runoff system.

Furthermore it has to be equipped with a forced ventilation air system, to create an appropriate recirculation of the vapors of the substances of the filtration system and of the humidity that will inevitably be created and all devices and qualifications to operate in a confined rooms – as by the Presidential Decree 177/2011 “Regulation containing rules for the qualification of companies and self-employed workers operating in environments suspected of pollution or confined spaces”.

Forme d’Acqua always recommends, as far as possible, the construction of a technical room above the ground, near the fountain; a simpler solution, that can be aesthetically speaking, harmonious with the context.
An helpful element to reduce the construction costs and the maintenance ones.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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