Forme d’Acqua lands in the States!

Forme d’Acqua lands in the States!

Participating to the project “I-BID: internationalization with BIG DATA”, we had the honour of being involved into an experience of international significance. Enrico Colacillo brought the experience of Forme d’Acqua at the Silicon Valley, to the “Startup Grind Global Conference – Google for Enterpreneurs” and to the “Italian startups meet American-Italian Startups and Venture Capitalists”.

The first meeting with Enrico, founder and CEO of LoveMarketing, had already pushed us to reflect about the need to enlarge our horizon, adopting a more innovative approach and new eyes when we look at our own business. Everything was driving us to an important decision: integrate into the team, the professional figures that were missing. When Enrico came back from the States, he confirmed that we undertook the right path. This is also what American startuppers do: they do not settle for the position they have achieved but they get back into the game, reinventing themselves, choosing from inside their network the best people in order to build a successful team.

Internationalize our business is the harder challenge for us. For this reason, we decided to give a look across the ocean participating to the I-BID project that proposes an internationalization model which uses BIG DATA for an efficient impact of Venetian firms on the global market 4.0.

We have exported there the entrepreneurial and productive capability of the manufacturing sector – two of the Italian qualities most appreciated abroad – and at the same time we have been influenced by a simpler, dynamic and smart approach to business. This experience represents for us an important step towards a new business model that we intend to realize.

Thanks to ECIPA and Laura Aglio, coordinator of the project, we aquired the perspective of modernizing our business and invest more into the tools of management and analysis of data such as the Big Data, with the aim of strengthen our commercial net abroad, improve the selling funnel and act more rapidly when it comes to take decisions on the Marketing strategy. Now we just have to start working on it!

Susanna Dei Rossi

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