Environmental sustainability and technological innovation: the new goals in construction industry.

Environmental sustainability and technological innovation: the new goals in construction industry.

The construction world is moving towards the direction of ecological and environmental sustainability, a theme of fundamental importance which was the topic of the seminar held on April 2nd in Rome, within the PID program (Punto Impresa Digitale) organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.
What is happening is a real Copernican revolution that will lead to significant changes in all phases of the building construction process, from design to implementation, to finishing.

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A step in the territory of sustainability which is increasingly seen as a resource, not as an obligation..
Such a rapid and, above all, radical transformation clearly must correspond to a rapid training adjustment of all the characters operating in the supply chain, from designers to construction companies.
At the seminar there were many important speeches, on several topics, from economic benefits for companies that invest in the energy efficiency sector, to current financing systems and their methods of use, from the most advanced digital modeling methods to most innovative case studies, from BIM design to new construction materials.


Prof. Casini from the Architecture department of the La Sapienza University of Rome, talked about an example of sustainable, contemporary and highly technological building: Restart 4 Smart, the solar house project of the Italian university for the last edition of the Solar Decathlon Middle East held in Dubai last November.

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Carried out by the “Team Sapienza”, composed of students from various faculties (architecture, design, engineering, communication), it is a project that goes beyond architecture and that indicates to future generations the path to follow for sustainable development.
Restart4smart is completely powered by photovoltaic panels, built with technical-design features that make it low consumption and built with an inspiration from the aesthetic standards of Middle Eastern architecture.

A high energy efficiency home, capable of producing 60% more energy than its daily needs and recollecting 50% of the water used.
Everything is guided by an home automation heart that makes it the perfect example of a future home.
At the center of the inner courtyard is Flora, the indoor fountain of Forme d’Acqua’s Le Sirene collection


The fountain was placed in the central patio of Restart4Smart, becoming its integral part and focal point. Flora captures the attention of the visitor, helping to refresh the environment and relax with the sound of flowing water or music that can be heard through its HI-FI audio system.

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Designed by Simona M. Favrin, Le Sirene are a new concept of technological fountains, manageable via smartphone or tablet, which interact with those who approach them through light pulsations and variations in the flow of water. An intuitive dedicated web interface allows you to directly control and program all their functions.
A fountain that communicates sustainability and technology, Forme d’Acqua’s fundamental values.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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