Luxurious, sensual, textural: Water slides of precious marble and glass heart,
handcrafted unique surfaces that make these fountains
exclusive furniture complements.


Water, light and sound: the lure of Le Sirene fountains

Forme d’Acqua will be presenting Le Sirene, the new range of indoor fountains that add to water the bewitching power of sound and the charm of fine materials, skillfully shaped by expert craftsmen.

Luxurious and sensual: water glides over the finest marble and glass that has been crafted by hand, unique surfaces that make these fountains exclusive home accessories. The hypnotic fascination of water is amplified by the seductive power of sound, for which the fountain becomes a sound box; the fountain is designed to be a focal point in any room, with which it interacts to give you sensory experiences.

This new concept of designer fountain meets the state of the art and is fitted with dedicated software making all the functions of the fountain easy to operate directly from a smartphone or tablet.

It is extremely compact and silent and has an integrated operating system, which is invisible, efficient and consumes only a minimum amount of electricity, making it environmentally sustainable. During the design stage, particular attention was paid to the choice of materials, that had to guarantee maximum reliability, low environmental impact, and a very high level of durability.



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The secret to long lasting beauty of your Sirena can be maintained by using the kit of products that keep the water sparkling clean. Easy to use with a special dosage gauge that we supply. These products prevent the formation of algae and limescale that potentially takes away the colour and lucidity of the precious Sirena.

The fountain has an automatic water recharger that replaces any evaporated water. All you have to do is attach it to a half-inch water tap.

The structure can be installed by request with an automatic filter system that does it all for you. This appliance is separate from the fountain.


Le Sirene are aquatic creatures, as a consequence they are concerned about energy saving and the environment. They are imperishable as they are made from durable materials which originates from natures; simple elements that lend themselves to life in an aquatic environment naturally. Stainless steel, marble, and Murano glass form the backbone, the matter and the smooth skin of this impressive creature.

The word Sustainable is therefore the correct definition for Le Sirene fountains, who arose and remain in their environment harmoniously. Every part of it is recyclable and, as you can see from its slim and minimalist design, it requires little energy, thus to show that beauty can be responsible.


To ensure thermo-hygrometric well-being in domestic environments, the temperature should ideally be around 20 degrees Celsius while the optimum air humidity level should be between 40 and 60 percent.

These values do not depend only on the air temperature, but also on the temperatures of the surrounding surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors, which, in order to ensure a good quality of the living environment, should consist of natural and porous materials that are able to breathe and store the heat. Even air velocity (about 0.30 meters per second) contributes to improving the wholesomeness of space, especially in places such as offices, where polluting agents can be dropped by air displacement.

Le Sirene are able to cede air humidity, through the evaporation process, if they are placed in particularly dry environments and to hold it in the opposite case.
The movement of water on natural sliding surfaces also produces that useful air displacement to eliminate the harmful substances present in the atmosphere.

“Beautiful and sustainable, Le Sirene bring well-being and provide a healthy and balanced habitat”

Simona Marta Favrin
Architect, designer and landscape architect.
She is a passionate expert of artistic glass, she has an in-depth knowledge of the material, methods and techniques of glass production, she collaborated with the Abate Zanetti Glass School, with Consorzio Promovetro Murano and with important Murano Glass Masters, both in the glass design and in the design of promotional and exhibition spaces. She has pursued numerous projects, curated and organised exhibitions. With Forme dʼAcqua, she has come closer to water, designing both outdoor and indoor spaces, by applying design to greenery and water, and creating fountains and installations in which she experiments the combination of water and glass.


The panes of glass used for the Vetro line are made by hand on the island of Murano, by master glass maker, Nicola Moretti. His works bear the hallmark Vetro Artistico® Murano, which is not only a guarantee for the buyer, but also allows artistic glass from Murano to hold its value over time with the quality and beauty that make it totally unique.


The marmo line includes a limited series in marble from the Henraux - Luce di Carrara collection. In the cradle of the stone-working tradition that dates back to the 19th Century, Carrara uses unique, top-quality materials with extraordinary artisan and industrial dexterity.


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