The lagoon monster, the seventh stop: Padua

The lagoon monster, the seventh stop: Padua

Date: from May 24th to September 11th 2016

Place: Villa dei Vescovi – FAI, Padua

Event: exhibition “GLASS: Arte del vetro oggi”



“GLASS: Art of glass today”: a fountain as an art form

The monster of the lagoon re-emerged at Villa dei Vescovi – FAI, on the occasion of the exhibition in which Jean Blanchaert talked about the “art of glass today”, from May 24th to September 11th 2016.

“Glass. Art of glass today “: over one hundred delicate and precious works created by great Italian and international artists and designers using the most refined techniques of glass art.

The lagoon monster among these: an emotional work, in which glass, the expression of a millenary art, is renewed and dialogues with the present through experimentation and confrontation with technology.

The work was exhibited in the Euganean Hills, in Villa dei Vescovi.

Located in Luvigliano di Torreglia, Padua, the villa is considered the first transplant of the taste for Roman classicism in the hinterland of the Serenissima. It houses the most extraordinary example of fresco decoration in the Veneto prior to the revolution imposed by Paolo Veronese.

Declared a national monument, it has been owned by the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) since 2005.



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