The lagoon monster, the second stop: Venice

The lagoon monster, the second stop: Venice

Date: from June 5th to September 30th 2011

Place: Magazzini del sale, Venice, Italy

Event: exhibition “Meridiano Acqua, Meridiano Fuoco”


The presentation to the international public: Venice

Under the Punta della Dogana (in French territorial waters today) there has always been a cousin of the Loch Ness Monster. In the thirties the soldiers of the Duce tried to eliminate him but today he rises again, majestic, terrifying and good, like Quasimodo, the monster of Notre Dame. Unorthodox Baroque, this refined walrus, designed by Simona Favrin, structured by Martino Roma and covered in magical glass by Nicola Moretti, has the sensibility of King Kong. Be careful of his meekness!

Jean Blanchaert



After the preview in Cavallino Treporti, the monster of the lagoon re-emerged in the waters that are its natural habitat: the calm and magical waters of Punta della Dogana, in Venice.

Housed within the exhibition “Meridiano Acqua, Meridiano Fuoco“, set up in one of the monumental Magazzini del Sale, the fascinating spaces built in the early 1400s along the Zattere foundations to preserve the large quantities of rooms traded by the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

The work was exhibited from  June 5th to September 30th, concurrently with the 54th International Art Exhibition, ILLUMInazioni, directed by Bice Curiger, (June 4th – November 27th 2011) at the Giardini and the Arsenale, as well as in various places of Venice.



Il Maestro vetraio Nicola Moretti e l’architetto Simona M. Favrin – FavrinDesign



Susanna Dei Rossi

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