The lagoon monster, the eighth stop: Murano

The lagoon monster, the eighth stop: Murano

Date: from October 6th to April 25th 2017

Place: Murano Glass Museum – Spazio Conterie, Murano (Venice)

Event: exhibition “MURANO OGGI. Emozioni di vetro”



The monster of the lagoon returns to the waters from which it was born and re-emerges in the cradle of artistic glass

The Murano Glass Museum wanted to involve the factories active on the island by opening in the spaces of the former Conteria a “showcase” dedicated to their production, selected on the basis of quality and innovation requirements. The selected works are placed in the rooms of the Museum and in the adjacent garden, giving life to a contemporary path focused on the topicality of Murano glass production, to reaffirm that creative uniqueness of identity that is still synonymous with the creative activism of the island today.

The selection examines not only artistic artifacts but also functional and design ones: an interesting opportunity to understand the evolution of this extraordinary production sector, both in technical and more strictly aesthetic terms. The project has as its objective the enhancement and knowledge of a history and heritage, but at the same time aims to support the Murano glassworks in international competition.

Curated by Gabriella Belli and Chiara Squarcina.


An epidermis of glass scales handmade by Glass Master Nicola Moretti, cover the creature designed by Simona Marta Favrin. Vibrant and ever-changing in form and in the attention paid to the sensory potential of this ancient material that draws the strength of continuous renewal from its history.

And a breath of water capable of arousing unexpected sensory suggestions, thanks to a combination of water and glass made possible by the synergy of creative forces and craftsmen of the highest level.

An emotional work, in which glass, the expression of a millenary art, is renewed and dialogues with the present through experimentation and confrontation with technology.







Susanna Dei Rossi

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