Travertino water wall
Arhena 5, Portogruaro, Venice

Arthena 5, Portogruaro
Arthena 5, Portogruaro
Arhena 5 is a large multi-functional center with fitness and relax areas, a bowling alley, arcade and pool tables, cafè restaurant pizza place and a summer terrace, located in Portogruaro, in Eastern Veneto. To add character and style to the main entrance, a scenic fountain was designed. It is an important work both for its size and for the type of construction.  
The structure is impressive but surprisingly light, thanks to the clean design and the essential lines composition: a curved wall 5 meters wide by 4.5 meters high, completely covered in Italian travertine slabs with warm colors, on which the water silently and elegantly slides, welcoming the visitor.
  In the upper part of the wall an elegant body of water with Carrara cobblestones has been created and scenically lit. The fitness rooms of the upper floor face it, reflecting on the mirrored surface of the water.   This is an infinity pool, a fountain with a smooth, rippleless surface of water on the top of the tank, therefore perfectly reflecting. From the tank the water overflows, sliding along the large natural stone wall, and then disappears under the river pebbles at the base of the structure. Water is then collected in the lower tank, where two OASE AquaMax Eco Expert pumps send it up again, to do the same route again.  
Water is then recycled saving on the costs and giving the fountain a functional and ecological aspect.  
To maintain the water pure, the fountain is equipped with a filtration system that automatically controls the acid and chlorine levels. The lighting is realised by 6 Profilux Led 350/01 OASE spotlights, which highlight the color of travertine, giving brightness to the entire structure. The fountain was realized in collaboration with Iveco Costruzioni, who built the structure. Despite its dimensions, the structure is very light, built in water-resistant plasterboard, which was then treated with a Mapelastic waterproofing cementitious membrane before proceeding with the stone cladding.
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