Water Wall
Giusti Wine, Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso

Progettazione e realizzazione di una imponente parete d’acqua per la Cantina Giusti dal Col
Progettazione e realizzazione di una imponente parete d’acqua per la Cantina Giusti dal Col
The Cantina Giusti Dal Col is a well-known winery, owned by the entrepreneur Ermenegildo Giusti, whose ten estates are located in Nervesa della Battaglia, on the eastern slopes of the Montello hill (TV). The water wall created by Forme d'Acqua Venice Fountains, on behalf of the E.MA.PRI.CE spa company, is part of the construction project of the new Winery of the Sienna Estate, by the architecture and landscape studio Armando Guizzo. This underground winery is spread over five floors, for the most part extending into the depth of the ground (from an altitude of -8.00m to an altitude of +6.70m), dominated by vineyards that extend over the entire hill to cover a open underground square, where the great wall of water was designed. The architect Armando Guizzo, talking to us about the project, says:
The two undulating curves that characterize the profile of the "new Architecture" thus seem the work of NATURE, which has delicately raised the ground in two points to obtain the space necessary for processing the fruits (grapes) that that territory itself produces.”
  The peculiarity of this fountain is to mask the retaining wall of the hill behind its magnificence: in order to create the uncovered square, an expedient was sought that would solve the problem of sustaining the ground and at the same time guaranteeing its best insertion into the context architectural and environmental. The choice fell on the creation of a large wall of water with a unique scenic effect, a refined design and enormous experiential value. The fountain consists of two contiguous sloping walls, 20m and 27m, for a total of 47m wide and 8m high: the 376 m2 of running surface are in reinforced concrete, deliberately left exposed, to give the water, movement and dynamism. The effect that is generated is that of a large veil of cascading water, a transparent space harmoniously inserted in a green space, which captures the visitor's attention, instils tranquillity and generates a sense of both mental and physical well-being. The main challenge of this project was the study and technical development of the overflow system, which allowed the recirculation of 350,000 liters of water per hour, taking them from the tank below and returning them to the overflow tank above, allowing their uniform descent over the entire surface of the wall. We opted for a system consisting of five 5.5 HP III self-priming Fluidra Astralpool Maxim pumps, supplemented by an automatic loading system and an emergency protection device against dry running. The pipes chosen are 90 mm in diameter, to allow the water to flow and be transported with ease.  The automatic filtration system, with chlorine and pH control, consists of a Fluidra AstralPool Aster D.350 5mc / h sand filter, a 0.33 HP Fluidra AstralPool Sena pump and two proportional and volumetric dosing pumps Fluidra AstralPool Exactus from 5L / H to BAR 7. The entire wall is illuminated by nineteen Oase Profilux LED RGB-W + 110 / DMX / 02 spotlights, arranged uniformly along the base. The Oase WECS II 512 / DMX / 02 controller and the Siemens PLC enhance the majesty of the water wall with customizable light effects. The control unit can be controlled both on site, thanks to a Weintek touch screen installed in the electrical panel, and remotely. Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains and the Giusti Dal Col Winery share the sustainable approach of their productions: whether it is a fountain or a good wine, the well-being of the environment and the protection of the territory are essential elements. In Forme d'Acqua the protection and sustainable management of water resources and the use of low consumption components are characteristics present in every project and, also in this case, despite the imposing size of the water wall, it was possible to realize a fountain faithful to company principles and durable over time.


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