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Dancing fountain, Quellenhof Hotel, Merano
Dancing fountain, Quellenhof Hotel, Merano
Quellenhof hotel is a very important touristic facility in Merano (Bozen – South Tyrol). Cradle of 5-star wellnes, it has become so much big and differentiated in its offers that it was necessary to reorganise its logistic structure, creating a new represantive entry. The big sail that identifies the hotel is inspired by a tree crown and hosts a dancing fountain, designed and built by Forme d’Acqua in collaboration with Oase Italia and Arentech. The explosion of colors and water features, the perfect synchronicity between these and the rhythm of music have transformed the fountain into the alluring heart of the hotel, attracting and thrilling the guests who frequent the facility.
The study and the use of new technologies, the continuous technical training, the chromatic research and the musical sensitivity allowed us to reach a very appreciated result, both by the public and by the customer too. “You went beyond my expectations” it was the very first comment of Mr Dorfer, the owner of the Quellenhof hotel. And those are words that compensated with interest this hard work of study and programming for our technicians.
The fountain is integrated with the sound system of the hotel, the water shows are synchronized with the external loudspeakers. A touch-screen into the hall let you start also manually the single song or the entire show. All its numeruous sensors, using a remote control system, allow us to check the general working and also the performance of a single component. In this way we can always give support and assistance to our client both by remote control and on site. The automatic filtration system with chlorine and pH control is able to guarantee perfect water standards for all components operations. The fountain is provided with these fundamental components: 05 OASE Comet 10-14 T noozles installed on the same amount of OASE Varionaut 270/DMX02 pumps; 12 OASE Comet 10-14 T noozles installed on the same amount of OASE Varionaut 150/DMX02 pumps; 04 OASE Jumping Jet Rainbow Star installed on the same amount of OASE Varionaut 150/DMX02 pumps; 17 OASE Profiplane LED 320/DMX02. For the management there is an OASE PLC WECS II 1024/02 with software OASE WEPS. Thanks to this project, so exciting for its technology and design, we have also enriched our network of artisans and precious friends. We thank you first of all Mr Dorfer and all his great staff, the Studio Pederiva, Georg Steiner who was in charge with the filtration system, Luca Sanvido of the firm Audiovizion who made and synchronized the sound system and Reinhard of the firm Elektro Almberger  who gives power supply to our electrical and technological boards.



We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.