Water games in the pool
Private villa, Venice

Spectacular water parables that fascinate and involve
Spectacular water parables that fascinate and involve
In the Venetian hinterland, near Jesolo and its renowned golden beaches, in the garden of a large private villa, water games have been created for the newly built in-ground swimming pool, designed to give new life to the greenery and to the whole housing complex. Forme d'Acqua Venice Fountains took care of the design and construction of the water features, at the request of the owner of the villa, to enhance the entire restoration and landscaping project, but above all to make the swimming pool and the surrounding green area even more spectacular. To give dynamism and vitality to the body of water were created two different games:
    • in the first game, a manifold with twelve static nozzles creates light parabolas of water, which reach the pool from the edge of the pool;
    • The second game is given by two opposing Jumping Jets that make the water shine with their bright arches.
The twelve nozzles of the first water play are buried and come out of the stone pavement as if they were the jets of a satin fountain. In order to generate the water parabolas, the nozzles diverge towards the body of water thanks to the hole holes, which simplify the adjustment and allow the creation of a long cascade gap. The stone covering is removable to allow easy removal and facilitate maintenance. Thanks to the installation of two pumps - one for each water feature - the jets of the Jumping Jets and the nozzles move synchronously, generating a lively scene that fascinates and involves. The lighting of the jets of the twelve nozzles is entrusted to six 3,000K White LED spotlights, which vibrate the reflections of the parabolas, emphasizing the scenery generated by this water portal. Instead, the Jumping Jets have integrated RGB + White LED lighting, which creates bright jets, changing and selectable in shapes and colors, thanks to a remote control that also controls the activation of the manifold nozzles. The pool extends over a stretch of water of almost 100m2, with a depth ranging from a minimum of 1.30m to a maximum of 2m, in which there is also a relaxation area enriched with hydromassage jets. The entire project bears the signature of Eng. Andrea Morando, who also took care of the management of the work. The building part was taken care of by the company Gri.Gest s.r.l. of Ceggia (VE), while the pool is the work of Il Germoglio cooperative social O.N.L.U.S of Robegano di Salzano (VE).  


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.