Water games in the pool
Katja Resort Bosco Canoro, Bibione, Venice

Accessibility & technology: le keyword per una piscina perfetta
Accessibility & technology: le keyword per una piscina perfetta
Inclusive design is one of the main players in modern architecture, which aims at the removal of architectural barriers and the creation of indoor and outdoor spaces that are liveable and accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of skills and age. Katja Resort Bosco Canoro in Bibione (Venice, Italy) is a virtuous example of inclusive design, a true oasis of peace characterized by healthy, fair and safe environments. Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains collaborated in the construction of the outdoor pool with the MEP design and the implementation of a digital control system for the management of water features and smart functions and pool / user interaction. Outside the hotel there is the large inclusive biodesign pool: a space accessible to everyone, from children to adults, but above all to people with disabilities or limited mobility, which offers 70m2 of spaces dedicated to children and 100m2 for adults, with a ramp for the disabled that facilitates entry to the pools. To make everything even more special and suggestive, two JumpingJet Rainbow Star II / DMX / 02 by Oase, connected to 2 Fluidra Astralpool Victoria plus Silent 1/2 CV III pumps, create water architectures, plastic and sculptural, with clear and precise water jets completely illuminated by the light of the integrated RGB LED spots that synchronize with the pool lighting. The JumpingJets emerge from two holes placed on the scenography of rocks, created from a combination of synthetic rock able to dialogue perfectly with the natural ones in Piasentina stone, a sedimentary rock typical of the area. The water jet shows were designed to increase the involvement between the pool and the user through suggestive scenographies; one of these shows evokes the reflections of the sea, playing with the colors and dynamism of the Jumping Jets that emphasize the lighting and design of the fountain. For Forme d'Acqua it is important to create a strong interaction between the pool and the user, for this reason it has designed and built a digital control system for the management of water features and smart functions.  It allows you to control all the pool components through the My Fountain app - from water games to lighting, from slides to the filtration system - in a simple and intuitive way directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC. The control system is based on PLC - the brain of automation - and on Forme d'Acqua's FT Gateway - the network protocol converter - through which the My Fountain app communicates with all the digital control systems of the pool. Another key feature of Forme d’Acqua projects is the ability to remotely supervise and manage fountains and water features in order to guarantee predictive maintenance, such as extraordinary ones, identifying and solving anomalies and malfunctions in real time. In the words of the arch. Luca Sommariva of Nuforms Design, creator and curator of the exteriors of Katja Resort Bosco Canoro:
The project relating to the construction of the swimming pool inside the Residence “Bosco Canoro” in the town of Bibione, arises as a dialogue between the element Water and the Mediterranean scrub that runs along the coast where the Residence stands. To complete the project idea, the desire to make the project as inclusive as possible, including particular attention to disability. The organic shapes of the bathing pool were made possible by the use of the Biodesign construction technique with very low environmental impact. The result is a landscape of great visual and sensorial impact, where aesthetics and functionality interact perfectly, creating a synergy capable of guaranteeing relaxation, well-being and safety.”
  The main features that make Katja Resort Bosco Canoro a small oasis of inclusiveness are:
  • accessible to all and not designed for people with a specific age or disability;
  • sustainable because the water resources used by the water features are constantly filtered and reused, and the electrical parts have very low consumption;
  • ecological because it is harmoniously inserted into nature and greenery, characteristic elements of the area in which it stands;
  • safe so that everyone can enjoy moments of pure relaxation and fun in total safety;
  • comfortable to make the guest feel at ease and make the experience unique.
  The entire technological part and programming of the music shows was managed by Arentech, a brand of Ecosistem sas.


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