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Water Flower – Dancing fountain at Iper la Grande i

An Original project that combines, for the first time, a fountain with commercial display cases of 62 square meters for plants, flowers and compositions.
An Original project that combines, for the first time, a fountain with commercial display cases of 62 square meters for plants, flowers and compositions.
Il Centro is the Iconic and innovative Shopping mall built in the historic area Alfa Romeo in Arese, just outside Milan. The redevelopment of this industrial area has gathered all the opportunities offered by this area, which has always been a territorial symbol, without completely destroying the memories of the place and the company. Signed by International Design, the project of the team composed by Davide Padoa, Michele De Lucchi and Arnaldo Zappa, focused on the creation of a city that was anchored to the idea of food and fashion: from one side Iper la Grande I, from the other side one of the biggest Commercial Squares from Europe, with tree-lined streets, squares and leisure areas along with a path of fashion, restaurants and positive vibes. Water Flower, the installation designed by the Architect Simona M. Favrin with Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains requested by Iper La Grande I, provides a unique continuum between a dancing fountain and an elegant flower shop, and fits into the large hexagonal indoor square, an area designed to create continuity between the gallery and the mall itself.
Water Flower offers a show that combines emotional elements such as water, green and music to give a visual and sensory experience that stimulates the creativity of the people, getting them involved in the space through emotions.
The work, placed next to the helicoidal ramp that connects the two floors, is characterized by a circular basin that houses the dancing fountain: around it and in a completely complimentary way the exhibition spaces were functionally designed accommodating the display of plants and flowers, a wide selection of flowers up to the preparation of packaging thanks to the professional advice and creativity of the mall florists. The structure, developed with our partner Gianni Franzato from Mirano, is entirely made of powder-coated steel and is developed in a series of concentric and radially arranged elements that, on various levels, become the display cases for flowers and plants and, at the same time, they integrate with the fountain, creating a surprising green setting. The dancing fountain, designed and built by Forme d’Acqua, is conceived to engage the visitor with a show schedule of water and color games, in perfect sync with the rhythm of the music, to transform the fountain into the attractive heart of the square. The circular pool of 5 meters in diameter is made with a metal tubular structure and the waterproofing of the tank is constructed with a 1.2 mm thick EPDM sheet, shaped by hand. Inside the pool it is placed the majestic technological system that allows the realization of musical shows. The central nozzle, Crown Nozzle OASE, is characterized by 24 jets with a 66mm diameter that reach a height of 5 meters, creating surprising and spectacular water games. Around it, 16 Comet 10-12 Silver nozzles are arranged in a double concentric ring. The plan is completed by 4 Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Oase, the most spectacular water games, characterized by a clean tubular water jet that, with extreme precision, cuts the air creating a water architecture with a strong scenic effect. Everything is managed by dynamic Oase Varionaut DMX pumps provided with integrated inverter and low energy consumption that allow the dynamism of the games and the synergy with the music, and is completed by 20 OASE ProfiLux LED RGB 110 / DMX / 02 IP68 spotlights able to combine the charm of color with water games. A tensioned AISI316 stainless steel metal fabric frame ensures splash and noise absorption, an important element being an indoor fountain. The fountain is equipped with a recirculation and automatic filtration system with Chlorine and pH control, able to guarantee perfect water parameters for the correct operation of all the components: a FLUIDRA Astralpool Sena pump, a FLUIDRA Astralpool sand-rolled filter and a panel with double FLUIDRA Astralpool Exactus dosing pumps guarantee automatic acidification and chlorination of the water. Moreover, the automatic load sensor, the stop sensor for dry motors and an overflow system with level sensor and an emptying pump are provided. The heart of this technology is in the electrical panel. An element that is always hidden from the view but decisive because it hosts - in addition to all the control systems, safety and protection of the fountain - the WECS 1024/DMX/02 OASE hardware, i.e. the location of musical and dancing programming of every single component, so everything is synchronized and coordinated. A touch-screen placed on the front panel of the electrical board allows you to manage the single shows manually, skipping the day-plan. All pumps and lights are monitored and modified in real-time even by remote control. The audio system embodies the perfection of aesthetics and sound together: 4 Bowers & Wilkins BOX 704 S2 speakers, a Bowers & Wilkins ASW-610 subwoofer and two DENON PMA-800NE amplifiers with big power ensure precise and harmonious sound diffusion. The study of the applicable songs, the preparation of the same and the programming of the musical shows were carried out in collaboration with Arnaldo Enzo – Arentech and Elia Orazio.
Water Fountains shapped with glassGlass
Water Fountains shapped with steelSteel



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