Dynamic floor fountain
Villaggio San Francesco, Caorle, Venice

Villaggio San Francesco in Caorle (Venice) is a 5-star camping holiday center nestled between pine trees and beaches, a structure that offers multiple housing solutions and experiences to visitors. The restyling works and the renovation of spaces dedicated to food & beverage and socialization involved the reorganization of the square, a project carried out by the architect Simona Favrin who created an interesting concept by expanding the collective space and inserting a dynamic fountain in the middle of the square to replace the pre-existing static fountain. The restyling has redesigned the fragmented space, to create a unique, large and welcoming ambience dedicated to different functions. A ground fountain has been created in the middle that became the beating and attractive heart of the new square and, at the same time, allows the total usability of the space. Raised platforms host the dehors while seats and plant boxes are spaces for relaxation, an oasis of well-being and coolness dedicated to the guests of the camping village. For the creation of the new convivial area, Forme d’acqua carried out the MEP design and the technical realization of the dynamic ground fountain that has different functions: in the daily hours invites children to play and interact, while in the evening the square turns into a spectacular space with light and water features plays programmed to amaze guests. The use of the raised area as a stage for musical and theatre shows is made possible by the characteristics of the ground fountain, which develops on a flat walkable surface, from which the jets of water come out and fall directly on the ground, without architectural barriers, a free space that, once the fountain is turned off, can easily accommodate spectators and be usable for events and shows. For the new concept of the square, the architect. Favrin wanted to emphasize the playful aspect: the flooring was designed as a mosaic inspired by pixels, which intensifies converging towards the heart of the square, the fountain. Here the colors of the pavement, inspired by the place with the warm tones of the sand and the earth of Umbria, give way to the fresh and playful colors of the water, declining towards green and azul macauba, a color that resumes the one used for the restored fountain on the entrance. The marine shades of the stoneware alternate on the flooring in a game of pixels that invites movement between the dynamic jets of the fountain. The water games are made possible by the installation of 9 nozzles arranged in three rows of three, enriched by RGB + White lights that allow the programming of customized water and light shows: an emotional immersion in the chromatic games that emphasize and reflect the water from the fountain. The technical compartment that contains the technological heart and the filtration system of the fountain is a custom-made ground box camouflaged by a green flowerbed. The floor fountain has a water recirculation system that is collected, filtered and continuously put back into circulation, reintegrated only in the evaporated part, in the name of sustainability.
Photographer: Gianluca Simonella


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