Fountain of oranges – Villa Grock, Museo del Clown, Imperia

Illuminata di sera tra zampilli e giochi d’acqua
Illuminata di sera tra zampilli e giochi d’acqua
Back to wonderful Villa Grock, on the hills of Oneglia (Imperia), we carried out the restoration of the fountain of oranges, with the design and construction of a biological filtration system, the requalification of the elements that are still usable and the creation of a lighting system which enhance the architectural structure and the fanciful play of water at night. Unique in the forms reminiscent of citrus fruit, the Oranges Fountain has been designed to obtain particular effects and water features, thanks to a reasoned alternation of voids and solids, defined by the pilasters. The restoration of the two central nozzles, which produce vertical jets, and the insertion of a crown of nozzles in correspondence with the ribs, increases the effect of water running along the pilasters, which meets a succession of small bowls producing the effect of small waterfalls. 15 Teclumen White 3.000 ° K LED spotlight, placed harmoniously along the external and internal perimeter of the dome, help to increase the surprising “up and down” effect given by the tracing of the water along the segments and the central ascent. The fountain has a biological recirculation and filtration system, which guarantees the circulation of water through a modular system, free of algae and pathogenic bacteria. The water is drawn by a pump, which sends it to a drum filter system and from there it flows and is irradiated by a UV lamp. This complex system breaks down the bacterial and viral load of the water and prevents the formation of limestone, algae and other organisms. The sustainability of the system is given by the absence of chemicals, such as chlorine and acid, and above of all, by the reuse of water, which constantly returns to the circulation. The choice of quality materials and innovative technologies guarantees energy and maintenance efficiency. The creation of this biological filtration system applied to the three historical fountains of Villa Grock, ensure the conservation of water: the tanks contain more than 800 m3 of water that is continuously regenerated, allowing only the evaporated part to be replenished.  My Fountain’s app by Forme d’Acqua consents the remote control and management of the fountains through various functions, such as the customization of the switching on and off applied to water features and lighting. It also reports data and parameters on water filtration and purification and was created to ensure a greater efficiency and to be able to guarantee a more efficient and sustainable maintenance.

Technical details

Water game:

- 18 OASE Comet 5-8S nozzles

- 1 Custom-made circular crown in AISI 316 steel divided into 4 sectors

Water handling system:

- 1 Astralpool Victoria Plus Silent pump 1,0CV 380V 0,66Kw IP55

Filtration system:

- 1 Astralpool Maxim pump 3,5CV 380V 2,60Kw IP55

- 1 AquaMax OASE 20000 12V 260W IP68 pump

- 1 UV lamp OASE Bitron Eco 55 220V 55W IP68

- 1 OASE FiltoClear 30000 220V 55W IP68 filter

- 2 Prefiltrations in AISI316 stainless steel


- 1 Internal crown for LED support made of AISI316 stainless steel

- 9 TECLUMEN LED MiniSub White 3000K 12V / AC 10W IP68 16 ° spotlights - External crown

- 6 TECLUMEN LED MiniSub White 3000K 12V / AC 10W I spotlights

Photo credits: Luca Turli


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.