Two water gardens for aquatic plants
Palazzo Buonaparte, Milan

The atmosphere suspended between past and present reflected on two biological lakes
The atmosphere suspended between past and present reflected on two biological lakes
In Milan, along Foro Buonaparte, overlooking the magnificence of the Castello Sforzesco, two-period buildings have recently been completely restored, united in the sign of the value and charm typical of early 20th-century buildings. In the two buildings, known as Foro 54 and Foro 56, the common areas have been redeveloped through a careful restoration that has respected the original architectural style and finishes. A refined and delicate range of colors distinguishes the facades, the decorative details, and the historical shutters, thanks to a skillful artisanal restoration intervention. There are two water gardens for aquatic plants Inside the two courtyards, creations that generate a unique and fascinating space and add a suggestive touch to the internal environment. The two fountains mirror each other and are located in the two internal courtyards, which are connected by a communicating passage. The pools are flush with the floor and the shape of their rounded corners recreates the shape of a frame. The basins are covered with the same material as the flooring to maintain the harmony of the design; in the same way, the AISI316L steel skimmers have been painted in the same shade as the covering so as not to create an aesthetic imbalance. In each body of water, it is possible to admire beautiful specimens of Nymphaea 'Mangkala Ubol', a rustic water lily with a majestic appearance, given by its emerging cream-peach colored flowers. The dimensions of the pools have been designed to recreate a natural environment suitable for the cultivation and healthy development of aquatic plants, while four small circular tanks have been created on the seabed, necessary for the planting of water lilies. Oase's advanced technology has been adopted to guarantee clear and crystalline water, ideal for the cultivation of aquatic plants. This innovative system offers a series of biological filters specially designed for fountains and water gardens, where plants and fish coexist, ensuring a completely chemical-free environment. Each basin is equipped with a biological filtration system, based on the FiltoClear 31000 system, which works to naturally purify and enrich the water. This process involves a combination of three different types of filters, a water-moving pump, a UVC clarifier, and a skimmer. The foam filter elements work mechanically to trap dirt particles, providing ideal support for the growth of beneficial bacteria that biologically break down pollutants. The action of the UV-C light produced by the UVC clarifier is a crucial step in the process, as it renders harmful pathogens sterile. The lighting is given by four White 3000° LED spots positioned along the upper wall of the edge, so as to illuminate the water gardens in a uniform and suggestive way. The two fountains can be monitored via My Fountain, the app designed and created by Forme d'Acqua for the remote management and control of the fountains, which takes place simply and effectively directly from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The entire project bears the signature of the M2P Associati Architecture Studio of Milan, the building works were carried out by the company Intesa Costruzioni S.r.l., while the design and construction of the MEP parts of the two water gardens are the work of Forme d'Acqua Venice Fountains. The client's initial request was to create two mirrored fountains, with a black pool floor that would enhance the reflective effect. Subsequently – after an analysis of the context and the project design – Forme d'Acqua proposed two water gardens, which maintained the "blue dot" effect in the two internal courtyards, but with the addition of aquatic plants, which emphasized more the combination of nature and architecture.


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