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“Tree of Life” – Eywa Sport & Spa, Portogruaro (Venice)

Floor level infinity fountain created at the entrance of the new wellness and fitness centre Eywa Sport & Spa
Floor level infinity fountain created at the entrance of the new wellness and fitness centre Eywa Sport & Spa
Situated just outside the centre of Portogruaro, historic city of great charm in eastern Veneto, Eywa Sport & Spa is a brand new reality for the area, conceived and built on a project by the architect Andrea Zambon, who oversaw the design and construction supervision. A one of a kind place, where to live real experiences in complete harmony with nature, thanks to a big SPA and fitness rooms well accessorized with a wide choice of courses for all ages. At the entrance of this reality has been built a fountain, whose “L” shape accompanies for about 20 meters the people along the way to Eywa. The executive part of the fountain is the work of Zanutta spa group, the historic company from Muzzana del Turgnano (Udine), leader in the market of home furnishing, building and thermohydraulic, with twenty stores between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. Alessandro Vedovotto, manager of the Jesolo store, choose Forme d’Acqua for the realisation of the new fountain. The floor level infinity fountain is 15 centimeters deep, is enriched by six foaming nozzles OASE Schaumsprudler 55-15E 11/2, and a perimetrical pool with channels into which the water flows. The water overflows on the six sides and is accumulated, filtered and circulated ensuring a sustainable water management: the filtration system is composed by a single-phase pump AstralPool Sena 1HP 0.75kW in 220V  12800 l/h and a sand filter AstralPool Aster 600 of 14000 l/h, managed by a combined panel with double dosing pump, control probe and automatic replenishment for automatic acidification and chlorination of the water. The four overflow delivery pumps AstralPool Victoria Plus of 3HP III 2,20kW in 380V 34000 l/h IP68 bring water to the pool, through two entries, and to the six foaming nozzles. The nozzle cover channel is made by a stainless steel AISI 316 frame, tailor-made by our partner Franzato Gianni s.r.l. Have been installed also a system of automatic loading with sensor level OASE 20-4, two floor level drains OASE Concrete part 70 T and a bronze overfill OASE 70/1000 T. To emphasise the fountain’s shapes and the water dynamic, the pool presents a warm and widespread light given by a LED bar white 14.4W/mt in 24V 2700k IP68, resonated matt white, coplanar to the two sides nearby the street. The outer perimeter of the fountain is in Trentino porphyry, an attractive stone material with wide colour variations, whose main characterics are the longlasting durability and the resistance to wear and weather phenomena. The lining of the internal pool and its lateral edges have been made of “exposed” concrete treated with opaque transparent resin. Instead, all the internal coverings and floors of the structure are made with precious materials of Porcelanosa Grupo, the multinational recognized worldwide as excellence in the fields of architecture and interior design, for its wide and varied range of premium products, high quality and innovative and sustainable design. “Tree of life” is a fountain that represents the source of life itself as a place of birth and rebirth. Its symbolism connects it metaphorically to Eywa, personifying the new Sport & Spa center with the rebirth of man, where the water of the fountain guides him until the entrance of that who will be the point where a new life founded on physical and mental wellness will generate.
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