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The Mist Tree – Camping Village Waikiki, Jesolo (Venice, Italy)

An artistic installation that arouses well-being in the new lagoon of Camping Village Waikiki
An artistic installation that arouses well-being in the new lagoon of Camping Village Waikiki
The Mist Tree is an installation part of the detailed landscaping project called Natural Art Oasis by architects Simona Marta Favrin - FavrinDesign and Devis Rampazzo - ADR Studio for the Camping Village Waikiki in Jesolo (Venice, Italy). "Art generates well-being" from this premise the entire project opens and takes place, aimed at creating green and blue spaces imbued with art, places that instill well-being and improve life by bringing concrete benefits. It is now known that art reduces stress and anxiety, but above all increases positive emotions and fits perfectly with the new and increasingly present type of traveller, who cares about sustainability and is thirsty for new experiences, as long as are original and affordable for everyone.   The Natural Art Oasis project was born from the request of the owner of the Camping Village Waikiki, which was looking for a real differential for its guests, which would make them experience and positively remember the holiday, not only for the services offered, but for the synergy between offer, spaces, nature, art and well-being spread throughout the entire structure.   Five key concepts that guided the design of the landscape: physical and mental well-being, environmental and personal regeneration, ecological and economic sustainability, experience, beauty.   The element that best unites these five keywords is The Mist Tree: an artistic installation that rises from one of the dunes of the new lagoon, a sinuous pool that extends over a large white surface of 500m2 with a soft seabed rubber. The structure of the tree is entirely custom made and it was designed by the architect Favrin, to give a suggestive scenic and sensorial effect to the surrounding aquatic environment: a light mist of nebulized water vapor spreads from the eight branches of equal length, which lowers the perceived temperature and cools the air, offering relief on the hottest days. When the sun goes down, the RGBW lights, placed at the base of the work, create surprising plays of light with chromatic effects that make the mist an illuminated cloud of ever new colors.  
The tree of fog was born from two magical sensations related to my childhood. - says the architect Simona M. Favrin - The fog that envelops things, smoothing their contours and erasing the boundaries of places, and a gesture that perhaps everyone, at least once in our life, has done: blowing on the feathery and light sphere of the shower head and watch its seeds fly in the air, perhaps in the hope that a wish would come true. "Every breath is a second chance" A simple but powerful gesture that it brings us back in an instant to the feeling of lightheartedness and joy that characterizes childhood. With a leap of scale, the Taraxacum officinale is transformed into a large technological steel tree, equipped with fog nozzles that spread atomized water at high pressure into the environment. Almost a living organism, imagined as the generator of the fog that, in the days of the middle seasons, wraps the wet lands of the pine forest in a soft blanket of wadding.
  The structure is in powder-coated AISI 316 steel, with the four RGBW spotlights at the base; the height is 3.45m and the width of the branches is 2.08m. The fog system consists of 24 nozzles, divided into three for each branch and powered by a Fog Premium pump, which supplies sterilized water by a UV lamp. To complete the technical part, an anemometer measures the wind speed and suspends the fog effect in the event of unfavorable weather conditions.   The theme of sustainability is deeply felt, especially by travellers, who are increasingly aware and informed on the matter, therefore a careful and sustainable management of greenery is read by the customer as an added value that reinforces the image of the territory and of the accommodation facility itself. As a consequence of this, the design conceived through the synergy of green spaces / blue spaces / art is an essential element for the "sustainable" realization of the landscape, which is based on a joint consideration of agronomic, ecological, functional, aesthetic, adaptability to the site and maintenance requirements. In this way, design is conceived as a tool to enhance existing elements, generate customer experience and enhance the beneficial effect generated by it.

Technical details:

Water game:

- 24 brass 0.50 micron nozzles

Fog system:

- FOG PREMIUM pump 3l / min 70bar 815W

- Complete 2x9 ”filtration kit

- Sterilizer with UV lamp

- Control panel for the automatic management of the Mist Tree with timer and RGBW lights

- Anemometer


- TECLUMEN LED Mini Sub RGBW 12V / AC 17W OC IP68 90 ° 15m cable

- OC control unit with buttons and remote control for managing RGBW lighting

Maximum absorption:

- 0,815 Kw mist pump

- 0.068 Kw lighting

= 0.883Kw total absorption


Photo credits: Gianluca Simonella and Favrin Design



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