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Peschiera – Villa Grock, Museo del Clown, Imperia (IM)

The clearness of the Peschiera’s water thanks to sustainable filtration
The clearness of the Peschiera’s water thanks to sustainable filtration
  We are in Imperia, on the hills of Oneglia surrounded by the majestic park of Villa Grock, which bears the artistic name of Adrian Wettach, the famous clown of the early 1900s, buyer of the plot overlooking the sea and creator of the villa in 1927. The project was realized by surveyor Armando Brigonole, who worked together with Grock, and the estate reflects the owner's eclectic style. Numerous architectural details that pay homage to the circus world (street lamps, columns, balustrades, frescoes) and the unmistakable Liberty style is enriched by references to contemporary artists, such as Picasso and Gaudì. The eccentric personality of the "King of clowns" is reflected on the imaginative and oriental style of the park and the villa, which is conceived as stage of life and art of light-heartedness on one side and on the other rich in metaphysical and philosophical references. The enchanting park is a magical place that, like the villa, reveals the eccentricity of its creator. The botanical heritage includes typical plants of the historic gardens of the Riviera: Lebanese cedars, firs, magnolias, olive trees, cycas and a wide variety of flowers. The fairy-tale atmosphere is suggested by the perfect balance between the rich vegetation and the architectural elements, such as the three fountains, Peschiera, Per Aspera ad Astra and Fontana degli Aranci. Forme d’Acqua has dealt with the requalification of the three fountains, which needed a complete review of the plant in a sustainable key and the restoration of the ancient splendor of the water games, enriched by a lighting project that exalted the unique scenography. The original project did not included a path for the recirculation and filtration of water that was injected from the aqueduct and discharged into the sewers; for the restoration of the fountains and the water features it was decided to build a biological filtration system, completely free of added chemicals. With the help of the most innovative technologies and an attentive MEP design we have reused part of the water circulation system  present in the Wettach project and created a recirculation system, where the large central Peschiera is the water supply basin of the water games. This action aims to improve the energy and maintenance efficiency of the original plant, while sustainability is given by the absence of chemical treatments. The Peschiera is a large pool of 645 square meters, at the center of which stands a small island with an exotic little temple, reachable through an arched bridge, decorated in an original way with Oriental inspired spindle columns. Three pumps draw the water from the pool leading it to the three modules OASE, in which the process of biological filtration and sanitization takes place; then the treated water is sent back to the pool (thus always reusing the same). Filtration is a complex system of passages through drum filters, a disinfection performed by UV lamps, which break down the viral and bacterial load of water, a system of oxygenation and a digester of organic material, all in the complete absence of chemical additives. The pumps are located in an adjacent box hidden by vegetation. The water features of the Peschiera are given by two spectacular OASE Vulkan nozzles with a decorative corolla effect, as included in the original project, powered by two pumps of only recirculation. Eight Teclumen LED spotlights with white illumination are positioned near the nozzles, which emphasize the jets at night. Peschiera and the other fountains of Villa Grock are monitored and managed through the application My Fountain, with which you can adjust parameters, values and functionality, manage the power on and off of water games and lights. The app also allows constant control by technicians who can intervene remotely in case of need.

Technical details

Water game:

- 2 OASE Vulkan 300/19 nozzles - 8 Silver H5m G3

- 2 Astralpool Victoria Plus Silent pumps 3CV 380V 2,20Kw IP55

Filtration system:

- 3 ASTRAL Victoria Plus Silent pumps 1CV 380V 0,76Kw IP55

- 6 Prefiltrations in AISI316 stainless steel installed on the wall in the aspirations

- 3 OASE UV Bitron Eco 240 220V 240W IP68 lamps

- 3 OASE ProfiClear Premium TF-L self-cleaning drum filter pumped EGC 220V 1050W / cleaning - 5W / ordinary IP68

- 3 OASE AquaOxy 4800 220V 60W IP68 oxygenator

- 9 OASE P

Water handling system:

- 1 ASTRAL Victoria Plus Silent pump 3CV 380V 2.20Kw IP55

- 2 Prefiltrations in stainless steel AISI316 D90 40.000L / hour installed on the wall in the aspirations


- 4 Teclumen MiniSub White 3000K 12V / AC 10W IP68 95 ° LED spotlights

- 4 Teclumen MiniSub White 3000K 12V / AC 10W IP68 16 ° LED spotlights

Photo credits: Luca Turli



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