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Small Precious Garden

A Murano Glass Garden
A Murano Glass Garden
Small Precious Garden is a Murano glass garden. An installation specifically created for a private client in Portugal, which takes inspiration by the landscape of Venice and its lagoon. The work was conceived and designed by Simona M. Favrin - FavrinDesign for the home of an art lover and collector of design objects, who studied his house in order to host his passion. In fact, he lives in a splendid and luminous villa, with soft and elegant curves, where touches of gold embellish the neutral tones of the rooms that overlook the degradation of a panoramic view.
The evolution of his passion that led him to realize his dream: to live in an environment surrounded by works of art. An inhabited and alive place, where the daylight, filtered, vibrates at different times of day, enhancing spaces and shapes. Small Precious Garden is located in the living area of ​​the villa, where the owner wanted an important installation to welcome his guests and act as a filter between the entrance and the area dedicated to live music.
The work had to fit in three pre-existent white marble tanks, and arranged to delimit, without hiding it, the area that houses a beautiful white piano. Architect Favrin created a small, precious garden, inspired by the shapes and colors of Venice lagoon and among them gold, which vibrates in the splendid Byzantine mosaics and which is used in leaf to embellish glass objects which, with a thousand-year tradition, are made in the Murano glass furnaces. Flowers and leaves are inspired by aquatic plants, such as the Typha, the plant that thrives in the canals of the Venetian lagoon, but transformed into a real sculptures made of transparent Murano glass. Glass has been chosen to enhance the purity of the shapes of the elements and to harmoniously insert them in the elegant environment of the house. All the glass elements, designed by the Architect Favrin, have been realized by the Glass Master Fabio Fornasier, using ancient glass modeling and blowing techniques, such as the pulegoso crystal and the bubbles, embellished with 24 carat gold leaf. The alternation of gold and steel, of curved and straight lines contributes to make the installation vibrant: the "golden flowers" have hand-curved stems in golden metal, to remember the sinuous lines of the house. Like the leaves in transparent glass, mirrored from the inside in silver, whose soft curves alternate with the rigor of the brushed steel stems, creating thanks to the light, changing reflections among the elements of the composition.
Small Precious Garden fits elegantly into the home, creating a precious scenario that dialogues with the light and its continuous change. The unique environment of the Venice lagoon blends with the elegance of glass and gold, materials closely connected to this city, thus becoming a homage and a continuous quotation, in materials, shapes and colors.
Forme d'Acqua took care of the realization and the logistics of the work for FavrinDesign Studio, taking care of the transport and the preparation. After a first pre-installation phase at the headquarters, where each element was verified, assembled and numbered, the numerous parts of the work were carefully packed and placed in a case specifically built for the occasion and used as a transport unit. Forme d'Acqua personally took care of the transport from Venice to Portugal, facing a journey of almost 5000 km, go and back, the only way to deliver such a precious material in safety and without any unexpected event. The artwork was then installed in the house by a team of our specialized technicians, following the instructions of architect Favrin, who arrived on site to coordinate the installation.



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