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Rhythmus H2O

A project inspired by Venice for The Venice Glass Week 2019
A project inspired by Venice for The Venice Glass Week 2019
In RHYTHMUS H2O the water comes out from the top of steel pipes creating a water curl that, running slowly and quietly, wraps the hand-blown Murano glass elements along its path. The stems, inspired by the efflorescence of the Typha, which grows luxuriantly in the canals that lead to the Venetian lagoon, stretch and become full-bodied, with transparent grafts and alternating bands of color, to remember the piles on which Venice arose and the rhythm of the tides which form the delicate balance on which the fragile city rests. Gold and silver alternate, interacting with light andwater in their continuous modification. A slow and steady rhythm, that of water, which touches the glass elements exalting its vibrant beauty: the crystal with silver leaf of the lighter parts alternates in contrast with darker inserts, made by superimposing two or three layers of black polished at the crystal base, then finished with pure gold leaf. The elements were handmade by Maestro Nicola Moretti and blown into a wooden mold. The structure of Rhythmus H2O is composed of a 30cm high pool and 7 AISI316 stainless steel pipes that reach 170cm in height. The hydraulic system is realized with an Oase Aquarius Universal Premium 4000 pump with low energy consumption, a level sensor with dry engine stop and automatic load for replenishing the evaporated water. The lighting is from below, with 3 submersible LED lights, Oase Profilux 350 4000 ° K, integrated in the pool and perfectly coplanar to the structure. To keep the water pure and clear, without waste, the fountain is equipped with an automatic filtration system that doses the anti-algae and anti-limestone products. Rhythmus H2O is the result of a collaboration between Forme d’Acqua with designer Simona M. Favrin and the Murano master glassmaker Nicola Moretti who combines technical mastery with the desire to innovate the aesthetics and language of Murano glass. This water feature will be exhibited from 7 to 15 September 2019, at the Bauer Palazzo, S. Marco 1459, Venice.
Water Fountains shapped with glassGlass
Water Fountains shapped with steelSteel



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