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Reflecting Wings

Julia Utensili
Julia Utensili
Julia Utensili SPA is a world leading company in the field of cutting with circular tools. It produces circular saws, knives and a range of cutting equipment for many types of materials, from metal to fabrics. Forme d'Acqua was contacted to embellish the prestigious headquarters of the company close to Udine, with a fountain of great effect: Ali Riflesse.  
The concept of this fountain is very simple, but refined and with a great scenographic impact: two reflecting tanks with infinity pool effect. On the perfectly smooth water surface, the image of the building is mirrored.
  The fountain is composed of two symmetric smooth concrete tanks, with a frontal and lateral overflow of 12 meters each. The tanks have an internal measurement of 8 meters by 5 with a depth of 20 cm and contain the impressive amount of 1500 liters of water each, or a total of 3000 liters in total. The water feature consists of a light cascade with a stainless steel overflow effect, light and precise, which forms an imperceptible veil of water. The water gently shatters on the cobblestones of Carrara, then returns to the pool and continue in its journey, slow and silent.
The two symmetrical water mirrors act as wings at the entrance of the hall and give it prestige and solidity, but the particularity of the fountain is that the reflecting effect, in certain moments of the day, multiplies as a result of solar refraction, projecting itself inside the hall.
The images are amplified by the reflections, and the reflections interpenetrate with the images, so that in the hall you have the effect of walking on the surface of water.
Water Fountains shapped with marbleMarble



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