Per Aspera ad Astra
Villa Grock, Museo del Clown, Imperia

Attraverso le asperità si giunge alle stelle
Attraverso le asperità si giunge alle stelle
Among the hills of Oneglia in Imperia, stands the majestic Villa Grock, residence of the family of Adrian Wettach, know as “the King of the Clowns". The villa was acquired by the province of Imperia in 2002 and after the first restoration of the park it opened to the public in 2010. Nowadays the building is home of the Clown Museum which rooms host an accurate multimedia itinerary that arouzes amazement and wonder. In its marvelous garden, moving slightly away from the great Peschiera and continuing towards the entrance of the villa, we reach the foot of the main staircase where Per Aspera ad Astra is located ("through the roughness to the stars"). This small fountain is placed in a niche decorated with symbolic representations, with clear Masonic references on the walls and in the inscription itself, which at the time also represents an allusion to Grock's biographical story: from the tiring departure from a small Swiss village to the popularity and world fame acquired through a thousand ups and downs In Per Aspera ad Astra an upper basin collects the water that flows from a slot in the wall and is filled by cascading in the lower pool and overflow, to drain to the Peschiera, returning to the system of circulation and filtration. Biological filtration consists in a complex system of passages through a series of modules in which are installed drum filters and UV lamps that break down the viral and bacterial charge of water. The structure includes a system of oxygenation and a digester of organic material, all in complete absence of chemical additives, so that the water can be disposed of in full respect of the environment. The pumps are located in an adjacent outboard box hidden by vegetation. In the evening, like the other fountains, Per Aspera ad Astra is illuminated by two LED spotlights White 3000 and K Teclumen, which stand out the flowing water surrounded by the magic allure of the niche.
Photo: Luca Turli


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