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Outdoor fountain with Rain Wall and Schaumsprudler nozzles –Ventiventi Winery, Medolla (MO)

An imposing curtain of water that falls on a long outdoor fountain
An imposing curtain of water that falls on a long outdoor fountain
Ventiventi project was born from the desire of Razzaboni family to give life to a new and different reality, in the wine-growing district in the north of Modena.” With these words Vittorio Razzaboni, together with his sons Riccardo, Andrea and Tommaso, tells the Ventiventi Winery of the Il Borghetto Agricultural Company: an entirely family business dedicated to organic and eco-sustainable viticulture, which has chosen the Classic Method as its production method. Sure that nothing creates more human contact than a good bottle of wine, they have chosen to create a meeting and aggregation point in a healthy context surrounded by nature for tastings and events. For the design of this ambitious wine complex, Vittorio Razzaboni relied on the Zaccarelli architecture studio of Mirandola (MO), directed by Arch. Franco Zaccarelli, operating in various areas of intervention, from new buildings to the renovations, from architectural design to interior architecture. The architect Chiara Berselli took care of the project and the direction of the works: to create a touch of originality and experience in the place, she chose Forme d'Acqua for the design and construction of the large rain wall on an outdoor fountain flush with the floor, the beating heart of the tasting area, for a new way of interpreting sociability and enology. Parallel to the walkway leading to the cellar, closing the shorter side of the pool, we have the starting point of the fountain: a large Rain Wall, 8m high and 4m wide, whose bewitching water flow is given by two collectors of distribution, powered by as many delivery pipes. The nozzles are arranged at a distance of 5cm from each other along four staggered rows, for a total of 308 nozzles that offer a sense of uniformity and dynamism to the majestic curtain of luminous water, which multiplies and emphasizes the reflections of water and light enriching the whole context. The water fall, before re-entering the tank, is muffled by a floating frame that absorbs splashes and noise, made to measure in AISI 316 stainless steel with metal fabric placed on two different levels, which makes it particularly silent and keeps it dry and safe the surrounding pavement. The water curtain is illuminated by five RGBW LED spots, which cover different angles in order to offer uniform and complete lighting. The mirror fountain plays on three perimeter sides of the room, for an all-encompassing fluid effect between the design and the offer: a long water tank, 15cm deep, on which four walkways, two chaise longue style seats and three alternate large islets dedicated to tastings. Next to the islets, three Schaumsprudler nozzles develop in the incipit of the longer side, the jet of which softly breaks on the surface of the water, creating a characteristic foam effect that dissolves in many small waves. The choice of inserting foams is functional to the search for intensity and originality, to offer various points of interest to the eye and new inspirations for creativity. All the elements above the pool, such as the islets, the seats and the walkways, are illuminated by RGBW LED underwater lights, recessed and removable for inspections and maintenance, which create pleasant intertwining between the fountain and the furnishings. The RGBW system offers the possibility to choose from infinite shades and shades, all selectable by a simple remote control dedicated to managing the lighting that best suits the mood of the moment. To complete the project, a fogger system installed along the perimeter of the tank and on the first floor of the building. A perfect combination of scenic effect and climatic cooling, both necessary to offer a unique and pleasant experience to guests: the atomized water creates a mist of droplets with an average size of less than 10 microns, which absorb the heat present in the environment and transform themselves in water vapor. In this way the energy used to transform water into gas is eliminated from the environment and the air cools, reducing the temperature by 6/8 °. In addition, especially in the evening, the mists illuminated by the colors of the fountain create a characteristic scenographic effect, halfway between the magical and the mysterious, capable of attracting attention and increasing the sense of experientiality of the place.

Technical sheet

Water games:

Rain Wall of 308 OASE Comet 3-6S nozzles

3 OASE Schaumsprudler 55-15E nozzles

Fogger system

Filtration system:

Astralpool by Fluida Sena 1HP 0.62KW pump with Aster Sand Filter 600

Pre-filtering grill for intake, made to measure in AISI 316 steel

Double dosing pump for acidification and automatic oxygenation of water with control and reinstatement probe

Level sensor OASE 20-4

Concrete part OASE 70 T

Overflow/Drain armature OASE 70/1000 T

Control panel for the complete management of the fountain and all its functions

Water movement system: two ASTRAL Victoria Plus Silent 3CV 2,2KW IP55 pumps send water to the two collectors of the Rain Wall


7 Point Led RGBWhite IP67 Teclumen

21 MiniSub Led RGBWhite IP68 Teclumen

Electric comsuption:

4,400 Kw water games

0,140 Kw Rain wall lightningh

0,357 Kw pool lightning

0,730 Kw filtration system

= 6,350 Kw maximum fountain absorption

photo credits: Cantina Ventiventi



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