Mirrored Fountain
Garden Senato, Milan

Il restauro della fontana di Garden Senato: un intervento conservativo per dare nuovo splendore alla fontana a sfioro e alla statua di Antonio Filippo Cifariello che accoglie al suo interno
Il restauro della fontana di Garden Senato: un intervento conservativo per dare nuovo splendore alla fontana a sfioro e alla statua di Antonio Filippo Cifariello che accoglie al suo interno
In via Senato 14 in Milan, in the heart of the fashion district, on October 2019 has been finished the renovation project of Garden Senato, which has affected the facades of the building, the courtyard of Honor, the porch, the pergola, the multi-arena and the garden. Architect Alessandra Dalloli has curated the project, in which she has paid the utmost attention to the context with a conservative method and approach, by giving a sense of continuity between the new and the existing. In the center of the big garden of 2000 square meters (21.528 square feet), with numerous paths between green areas and flowerbeds, is placed the circular mirrored fountain with the statue "The annunciation of Love" of Filippo Antonio Cifariello, whose renovation is the work of Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains.  
“The fountain – tells Arch. Alessandra Dalloli – with its crystalline water, is the living element of the project; is a place of contemplative pause which dialogues with all the surrounding environments. The rounded pool, with the water that overflows to the edge, mirrors the sky by creating enhancing reflects of light on the statue of Filippo Antonio Cifariello lying in the center”.
  The entire technical part, managed by a control panel, is projected to grant crystalline water and durability overtime. On the outer circumference there is a overfill tank, coated by a floating and removable curb, that allows a quick and easy inspection. Two pumps AstraPool Victoria Plus Silent of 3CV circulate the overflowing water in a closed circuit, no waste. On the base of the pool, floor-level, a custom-made stainless steel AISI316 input centralised all the sending pipes keeping the surface of the water mirrored. A quartzite filter AstralPool Aster Sand Filter combined to a pump AstralPoool Sena 1/3CV guarantees the filtration. A double dosing pump AstralPoool Exactus regulates the water values and the automatic chlorination and acidification. The control of the fountain’s water level is detective and manage by a four-way control panel LOVATO, with monitoring sensors OASE 2000-3/5 and an additional electrode OASE 2000-1, for the automatic in line reinstatement and the dry running. The fountain looks like a placid body of water, lit by Spotlights Micro LED IP68 Warm White 3000K, whose reflect and amplify the beauties of the surrounding garden and the the brightness of the bronze statue of Filippo Antonio Cifariello (Molfetta 1864 - Naples 1936). As well as being of great scenic effect, that fountain presents also the good quality of being sustainable: the recirculation and filtration systems allow reusing always the same water, drastically reducing the consumption of the hydraulic resources. On the words of Gianluca Orazio, CEO of Forme d’Acqua:
“A work developed over two years, started with the technical design support and pursued with the realisation of the work by our specialists. The conservative restoration always remains one of the most interesting interventions, even in the fascinating world of the fountains”.

Thanks to this important intervention, now the complex of via Senato 14 is a prestigious location, with unique environments designed to host events of all kinds. The fountain, brought back to its original splendour, with its renewed elegance and the maternal tenderness of the statue, has returned to being the main scenic element of the garden.
Ph: Anna Socci - Asocci Photographer
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