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Mirrored Fountain – Gaber Village, Caerano di San Marco (Treviso – Italy)

An elegantly designed fountain that welcomes and instills well-being
An elegantly designed fountain that welcomes and instills well-being
On 1998, in Altivole, in the province of Treviso, Gaber srl was founded, which designs, develops and produces furnishing accessories such as chairs, stools and tables made of various materials, from the most traditional to the most innovative, such as technopolymer. Thanks to the design and the high technological level of its products, it has received about 70 international awards to date. In 2020 their "new home" called Gaber Village was born, based in Caerano di San Marco (TV): the new creative heart of the company is located in an area of about 50,000 squaremeter, where the existing buildings have been regenerated and integrated to new structures, adapting to the most recent and innovative regulations regarding the safety and well-being of the workplace. Forty-five companies were involved in this work, including Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains which oversaw the MEP design and the construction of the indoor infinity mirrored fountain. The fountain faces the entrance of the building, in front of which the large waiting room opens, and above it rises a staircase with a contemporary design enriched with hanging plants: the body of water reflects the architecture and the surrounding nature and instills an incomparable sense of well-being, thanks to the inclusion of the water element which becomes the fulcrum around which the environment is created. The pool is made of AISI316 steel, measures 400x250x20 cm and, to give the water mirror a high reflective power, the walls and the bottom have been painted in lava black. The water is kept clean and crystalline thanks to the filtration and recirculation system given by an Astralpool by Fluidra Sena 1/3 HP pump, including an Astralpool by Fluidra Aster Sand Filter 350, connected to an Astralpool panel with double dosing pump for automatic acidification and chlorination of water, with control probe and automatic in-line top-up. The inlet vents are custom made in AISI316 steel with black powder coated to give chromatic homogeneity to the pool bottom. An OASE 20-4 level sensor with dry motor stop keeps the water level stable by integrating it as needed, while a 220V electrical panel allows control and management of the fountain. This project highlights how the fountain turns out to be a refined furnishing accessory with a strong emotional impact: the essential lines and the chosen shades create a play of materials and shapes, with the interior spaces that mirror and reflect the exteriors, integrating these two worlds in a single scenario.
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