Mirror Fountain – Senato Hotel, Milan

Central courtyard in the lobby
Central courtyard in the lobby
A sheet of water laps against the surfaces and gently cascades onto the stones in this fountain, which boasts unmistakeable charms. With a depth of just 2 cm, the shallow expanse of water slips by sinuously, silently enveloping onlookers. The surface of the fountain covers the entire central courtyard in the lobby.
This haven of sensory and visual calm was inspired by the historical canal known as the Naviglio Grande.
The minimalist, elegant fountain calls attention to the setting and adds a touch of class and refinement. It was built by Forme d’Acqua to a design by the architect Alessandro Bianchi. It can be used with or without water to host cultural and artistic events and installations, making it a vibrant hub of activity in the hotel.
The sumptuous mirror effect brings out the best of its surroundings and adds a sense of graceful freshness to the lobby.
The fountain also has first-rate technical features. It is waterproofed with a 3 mm elastic sealant. The water intakes and outlets, wall sections, overflow and cable glands are all flanged and designed and made by us using AISI 316 steel. The fountain has an automatic filtering system and chlorine and acid are used in the water to keep it in perfect condition and prevent limescale from forming.
Water Fountains shapped with marbleMarble


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.