Dynamic and Mirror Fountains
Camping Venezia Marina di Venezia, Cavallino Treporti, Venice

Le fontane realizzate per il sessantesimo anniversario del campeggio Marina di Venezia
Le fontane realizzate per il sessantesimo anniversario del campeggio Marina di Venezia
In our territory, which has made open air tourism its strongest point, the hospitality structures are extremely advanced for their excellence. The Marina di Venezia camping is a perfect example of this, a five-star structure that has brought traditional camping to its highest levels, representing an excellent organization recognized throughout Europe. The "Marina" is a leading structure, with a history and a tradition rewarded every year by the many loyal tourists who, from all over the world, choose to spend their holidays in this welcoming location, with a high quality service, and an impeccable tourist offer. 2018 season represents the achievement of an important milestone: the Marina’s sixtieth anniversary. The entire structure has undergone through a major renovation, following an innovative project conceived by MTLC architecture firm lead by Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo.
Marina di Venezia commissioned to Forme d'Acqua to create the fountains designed by Studio CZ, which designed, on behalf of the architects, all the landscaping of the renovation project. We dealt with the executive project, starting from the design, to move on with the actual creation of the structures and their installation.
The project has been very demanding, mainly due to the deadlines set for its implementation. It has been  necessary to work very tightly, during the camping’s few winter closure months, in a complex and continuously developing working site, in coordination with the many professionals involved to realize this impressive project. The result has a very strong impact: we realised 13 fountains to embellish the most important points of the Marina’s new project. The fountains are divided into two groups; the first one includes six modules of ground fountains located along the new commercial area of the structure, with shops, restaurants, bars and a supermarket. The second group instead is made of seven large “infinity pools” fountains, made in the central Piazza Europa, the scenographic point of departure of the "liston", the path crossing the renewed commercial pedestrian area. The two groups of fountains are linked together in an ideal path that accompanies the visitors on their walk for shopping, aperitif or after-dinner ice cream, giving them some pleasant moments of relaxation and refreshment. The floor fountains have been built in the shopping area. They are covered with colourful tiles in with a "Mediterranean" taste. They are positioned in the courtyards facing the commercial activities, with water games of different heights. Different modules have been created, with ten, six and four nozzles, to be  adapted to the different spaces where they are placed. A waterproof and low consumption dimmer LED bar, with neutral white light, illuminates each nozzle. The fountains use OASE Varionaut 150 DMX 130 Watt pumps, capable of pumping an average value of 120 litres of water per minute and are controlled by an OASE WECS II 512/02 computerized control unit, remote accessible by our technicians, to control lights and pumps. The system automatically reads the water purity data, to dose the necessary treatments as needed. One of the most interesting technical features is the use of an anemometer that controls the wind speed blowing on the structure, automatically reducing, if necessary, the nozzles’s height and consequently modifying the water flow. The fountains of Piazza Europa are instead seven tanks in brushed Aisi 316 stainless steel, placed on the floor level. Their measures range from 13 to 7 meters in length, for a depth of 24 cm each. These are “infinity pool” fountains, controlled by a sophisticated system made of Oase Acquamax Ecoexpert 36000 and 44000 pumps, where water creates a perfectly flat, clear and transparent surface, and then overflows along three sides of the tanks. The two 10-meter fountains have two "jumping jets" connected to an Oase Acquarius 12000 pump, which create an absolutely perfect water flow that ends up in the front tank, creating a kind of water tunnel under which it is possible to pass without getting wet. The whole system is enriched by a "fogger" system composed by 42 nozzles that refresh the surrounding environment during the hottest hours thanks to the microscopic nebulization of water droplets. It also create unexpected scenographic effects in the evening, when the water mists mix with lights, amplifying their suggestion. All the fountains made for this important project are automatically loaded and have an emergency stop  system in case of lack of water and "overflow" system to avoid flooding.
As we always do in our projects, we are committed to a conscious use of water. All the fountains created for the Marina di Venezia are connected to a system that reuses the water of the campsite's water park. A small but important feature that allow us to work in an ecological way, certain not to waste such a precious good. The water and light games transform the courts of the clusters in a place where play and go back to be children, walking among the moving water jets, and bring vitality and color to the shopping areas.
The imperceptible movement of water in the tanks, the reflections of steel that becomes one with the mirroring surface of the water, the perfection of the water games of the Jumping jets are completed with the evocative charm of the games of fog and light, the evening. They all transform Piazza Europa into a magical environment, in which it is impossible to pass without stopping and be enchanted by this atmosphere full of suggestions. All the elements, studied, designed and realized with great care, combine with the creation of different and changing scenarios, in which each of the guests of the Marina di Venezia can find the right moment and space to enjoy his or her special experience, making this vacation unforgettable.


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.