Luxury, artistic fountain
The Venice Glass Week 2018, Palazzo Querini, Venice

Acqua Vetro e Acciaio
Acqua Vetro e Acciaio
Luxury is an elegant fountain, with essential lines, which finds its focus point in the precious presence of Murano glass. It is composed of a steel structure and characterized by a series of thin hollow pipes, from whose top water silently and calmly comes out, sliding along the pipes themselves, wrapping in its path some Murano glass beads, realized by hand with the lampwork technique. The combination of water and glass is unique, the two materials meet, amplifying each other’s characteristics of transparency and fluidity. The fountain was created for The Venice Glass Week 2018, the international glass art event, and exhibited at Palazzo Querini, the headquarter of The Venice Glass Week Hub, the main hub of the event. Murano glass is less present as material than steel, nevertheless it becomes the fountain’s focal point of attention, as it creates an hypnotic everchanging game of reflections and vibrations.
Luxury was born from an idea of ​​the designer Simona M. Favrin who chose Barbara Proverbio, an artisan form Piemonte, speciliased in Murano glass compositions. She designs and creates unique Murano glass jewels.
Luxury's structure is made of AISI316 stainless steel that ensures maximum resistance to water, while the plant has been realized with two OASE Acquarius Universal 4000 pumps. This fountain is also embellished with Moss, a new concept of natural decoration, used for vertical gardens and innovative installations. With Moss, you can create natural, easy-to-use, but highly effective, coatings that bring nature into our favorite spaces. It is a natural product, a stabilized lichen that absorbs moisture directly from the environment and does not require any kind of maintenance. It does not need irrigation or sunlight and, since Moss does not grow, it does not even require pruning. Luxury is a luxurious fountain, whose elegance is enclosed in the purity of the lines and its precious materials.


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.