Jets of water
Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta, Trieste

Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta, Trieste
Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta, Trieste
In the swimming pool of the Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta, we have created, in collaboration with the Arch. Devis Rampazzo, and the skilled craftsmen from the Officina Bacciolo, a water feature with 63 nozzles in Bronze that performs the role of a handrail. During normal operations the jets are 20cm high, while at the guests’ walkway, the photocells action a second pump which elevates the jets to a height of 80 cm so as to highlight and make safe the entry steps to the pool. A simple procedure but effective, which works with the water from the actual pool, animating the health centre like a beating heart. In detail: the jets at two heights.
Water Fountains shapped with marbleMarble
Water Fountains shapped with steelSteel


We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.