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Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro | Iconic fountain, inner court
Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro | Iconic fountain, inner court
Iconic fountain, inner court. Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro is located in the historic center of Venice, within walking distance of "the world's most beautiful lounge", St. Mark's Square. The building, which dates back to the 15th century, has undergone a restructuring project that has led to the creation of a prestigious residential complex with luxury apartments with fine finishes.
A feeling of absolute well-being pervades the whole project, from the comfort sought in the overall design, to the hall, to the inner court. Here, the refined and elegant fountain creates an atmosphere of intimacy that invites guests to relax and enjoy this oasis of calm and relaxation.
Forme d’Acqua has handled the conceptual design of the fountain and its implementation. Along with the Arch. Simona M. Favrin we have completely revised the initial design in order to achieve maximum functionality and sustainability, in accordance with the aesthetics of the initial idea. Originally designed gushes of water have been eliminated to limit the turbulence of the water and achieve an elegant mirror effect on the surface; the water drop blade has been redesigned by reducing its amplitude and adjusting its flow to make it visible, spotless and perfectly controlled. Istria stone slabs cover the structure in stainless steel, able to withstand the difficult atmosphere of the lagoon environment, rich in moisture and soluble salts.
The technological heart of the fountain is concealed in it, consisting of three silent, low-energy circulators. Level sensor, automatic load and protection stop for pumps in case of water shortage, complete the system making it absolutely safe and reliable.
From the clean and essential lines, the fountain fits in with modern elegance in the strongly connotated context of the 15th century court. On its spectacular surface, the historic facades of the palace, characterized by beautiful Gothic four-light windows, reflect in a continuous dialogue between history and contemporaneity. The fluid and silent flow of the water welcomes the visitors, inviting them with discretion to indulge in a break and to enjoy the magic of the place.



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