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Infinity Fountain, Hotel Leopardi Verona

A simple shaped, but great effect fountain.
A simple shaped, but great effect fountain.
Hotel Leopardi is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Verona, an important facility with a wellness center, meeting rooms and a renowned restaurant, La Ginestra, frequented by visitors and residents alike. In 2018 the property started an important project of green restyling of the access route of the hotel and entrusted to Verde Progetto, the study of the landscape and garden designer Adriana Pedrotti, specialist in the design of outdoor spaces. Adriana contacted Forme d'Acqua for the technical design and implementation of a fountain that could embellish and complete this project. An infinity fountain with a very simple shape, but a great scenographic impact. The structure is a cube of one meter side, made of AISI 316 stainless steel, painted with a warm weathering steel effect, reminiscent of the nuance of rust. The fountain has a top tank which generates an overflow of water, created by an OASE Aquarius 12000 submerged pump. It is illuminated by 4 IP68 resined, low-consumption LED bars that follow its perimeter. A 3000 kelvin degrees warm light has been chosen, to highlights the color of the fountain and the movement of the water. The water that flows from the top tank is collected and used in the fountain, while an automatic loading system enters the right quantity to replace the evaporated one. The fountain is located at the entrance garden of the hotel and welcomes its guests and the customers of the La Ginestra restaurant, with the pleasant sound and movement of water.



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