Indoor fountains
Sushic Restaurant, Biella

Una fontana a specchio sostituisce il pavimento della sala ristorante e due pareti d’acqua arricchiscono i bagni degli ospiti
Una fontana a specchio sostituisce il pavimento della sala ristorante e due pareti d’acqua arricchiscono i bagni degli ospiti
In the center of Biella, Sushic has recently been inaugurated, a new Japanese restaurant with an innovative design, which quickly became the coolest place in the city, with its original and elegant interiors entirely made to measure. Design and artistic direction are signed by the architect Nicola Bottoni of LENDstudio Architettura Ingegneria of Lodi, a creative consortium based on the collaboration and sharing of different experiences of professionals working in different sectors, ranging from architecture to restoration, from graphics to editing. Creativity and attention to detail distinguish the works of the architect Bottoni, who chose Forme d’Acqua Venice Fountains for the construction of the three indoor fountains of the Japanese restaurant Sushic: a large mirror fountain in the center of the room and two walls of water in the guest bathrooms. The floor level mirror fountain is a large rectangular basin of 140 square meters, 18 cm deep and with 15 cm of water, whose edge is finished with a metal profile, which opens to the view of guests entering the room. The seabed is covered in slate-colored stoneware reflects the interiors and generates a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Inside, nine floating islands each host a table and are connected to each other by a stone path, which recalls the tobiishi of Japanese tea gardens: everything seems to float on the water, recreating a bucolic environment, in which the frenzy of the city is left behind. Each island is surrounded by a white cover, which changes color with the changing tones of the lighting, ranging from white to purple, from pink to blue: these nests, in addition to creating a strong sense of privacy, thus lying on the water the visitor to an unreal and wonderful world.   The water from the fountain is filtered and put back into circulation thanks to four suction and five delivery outlets, connected to an AstralPool by Fluidra Sena pump of 1 / 3HP 0.5KW in 220V of 7800l / h with an Astralpool Aster Sand Filter. 350. ​​ The acid and chlorine values are detected and balanced by an Astralpool panel with double peristaltic dosing pump with control probe and automatic in-line make-up, so as to guarantee water that is always clean and crystalline. An OASE 20-4 level sensor keeps the amount of water constant, preventing the pumps from running dry, while an overflow system prevents the possibility of accidental overflow. The management of the fountain, the filtration system and the automatic loading can be easily controlled from a second control panel installed in the technical compartment. A warm white LED bar, coplanar to the entire perimeter of the pool, illuminates the water mirror, creates a perpetual game of reflections that enhances the surrounding architecture and softens the volumes characterized by orthogonal lines. The two water walls created in the guest bathrooms are identical in size and appearance. In each wall, thanks to an OASE Aquarius 9000 220V 195W IP68 pump, the water is taken from the collection tank below, filtered and sent to the top, where two collectors feed 40 OASE Comet 3-6 silver nozzles that send the water in harmonic and balanced way to the sliding wall. This fountain creates a fluid and dynamic background, a blade of water that runs behind the mirrors installed parallel to it, and ends in the collection tank, built inside the glass sink. In the collection tank there is a sensor that keeps the water level constant, which is integrated as needed to avoid dry running, while two peristaltic dosing pumps automatically balance the quantities of anti-algae and anti-limescale products, to guarantee clean water and durability over time. In feng shui, water is a natural element that moves, flows and flows and is identified with strength and wealth. Furthermore, water is an element that refreshes and purifies, so much so that in this restaurant every step that the guest takes towards the dining room leads him further and further away from worldliness and ever closer to the extraordinary imaginative world of Sushic.   Ph: Anna Socci photographer & Altrosito s.r.l. Video: Anna Socci photographer


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